Our Commitment to Hospitality

Hospitality is challenged with creating a frictionless guest experience while the entire industry is under threat from newer sources from the sharing economy, online travel site intermediaries and new legislation designed to protect vulnerable hotel staff.

Technology can be the enabler for the hospitality industry to solve this problem. From alerting and notification tools that can not only protect lone workers, communications systems that integrate with property management systems and connect staff effectively to SIP services that save locations on their monthly recurring service costs.

Best of all, we support all the solutions we sell with true 24x7x365 support, including statutory holidays, so we have your back.

We work with hotels across Canada, here are some of our clients...

All That We Offer

Unity Connected Solutions has offices in the major cities across Canada. We offer centralized, standard response with localized support as required.

Our support team has developed best practice standards for implementing and ongoing support for our solutions. We can be the single source provider for your entire communications, life-safety and security infrastructure. Our solutions set includes:

  • Communications systems
  • SIP Trunking Services
  • Alerting and Mass Notification
  • Camera and Door Security
  • Data Networking – including Wifi
  • Unity’s dedicated Support and Managed Services

Supporting Lone Workers

Lone workers are any employee who may be placed in a vulnerable position while working by themselves – whether on your property or on the road. For hospitality, all staff who go into guest rooms on their own, are automatically exposed to challenging situations. In the US many jurisdictions have already enabled legislation to force hotels to provide these workers with a way to easily communicate a need for help – a ‘panic button’. Some hotel chains are making it mandatory to employ ‘panic buttons’ globally. It will create a standard for all hotels to follow – to maintain reputation.

The best solution integrates into any and all your existing communications systems, provides detailed reporting of all alerts and automates the escalation process to ensure everything is done to provide the highest level of security to staff. It can even be offered to VIP guests.

We are experts in designing and implementing alerting and notifications solutions, installing them in hundreds of locations across Canada.

SIP Trunks

Did you know that we save our hospitality customers up to 50% or more on their Telco services with our SIP trunks?

Hotels are always looking at ways to reduce monthly expenses. With traditional line and trunk services most hotels will be over-provisioned to ensure guest calls do not get blocked. But provisioning to meet your peak calling volume does not make sense and is an expensive way to plan. SIP trunks offer lower pricing as they leverage lower cost broadband networks and are far more flexible than fixed PRI or local lines. With the ability to ‘burst’ or scale up on demand, you never have to over-provision again to prevent blocked calls.

Have you considered that the Telco savings could help fund that communications platform upgrade?

Saving money

Communications Solutions

It is important that students and staff feel safe on campus and school grounds. This can be achieved with visible and integrated alarm management and notification. Response times can be dramatically improved using an automated system that uses pre-defined rules to consistently manage alarms, which could include alerting first responders. Alarm devices can be quickly placed around the facility- with no wiring required. Sensors can be placed on doors and windows.

Particularly vulnerable students or staff can be provided a personal device to alert when help is required, providing location information.

The solution can be integrated into almost any system including voice, email, paging, text and more. It can also integrate into smoke and fire systems to automate mass notification in cases of emergency.

Camera & Door Security

We provide camera and door security solutions for properties and can integrate the monitoring and alerting with our Status Solutions SARA system and connect to your communications solutions.

Door security can be set up to lock down certain doors between certain hours, allow egress but not access to without permission. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to providing door security, including meeting fire regulations. Newer door solutions offer digital control over Wifi and reduce wiring by controlling over data networks.

Cameras can come with a variety of capabilities and specifications. For example, exterior cameras should be able to operate effectively in the extreme weather conditions we experience in Canada and ideally operate well in low lighting conditions.

Unity has been providing complete camera and door security, including integrating with the data networks and cabling systems.

Data Networking

WiFi access is a key element of any guest experience, whether for business or pleasure. It can be a key differentiating factor when choosing a hotel. On travel sites like Tripadvisor, Wifi is often the first item in a list of hotel amenities, beating pools, gyms and restaurants. It clearly matters.

We offer traditional premise based data networking products from Ciscoincluding their newer, cloud managed solutions Cisco MerakiCloud managed networking makes the provision and ongoing management much simpler and allows hotels to manage how much and what data is being used by staff or guests in public locations as well as guest rooms. Cloud managed solutions are much more cost effective and ideal where there are multiple facilities as they can much more easily be centrally managed.

Unity Hospitality Managed Services

Working with hotels across Canada, we have built up tremendous awareness and expertise of the challenges you run into. We have a team of dedicated individuals who provide remote and on-site support, with the ability to truck roll practically anywhere across the country.

Our NOC provides true 24x7x365 support, including statutory holidays.

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