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Unity Connected Solutions

Unity Connected Solutions is a leader in the ICT industry. We design, implement and manage communication technologies that improve business productivity, efficiency and quality today and into the future.

With offices across Canada and in the United States and with over 2,000 customers, we have the breadth and bench strength to build solutions for organizations large and small, single or multi-site.

Our culture and values are very important to us. We maintain high touch, productive relationships with our customers as their trusted advisor and partner. We encourage an entrepreneurial culture in our employees and take great pride in our community atmosphere, integrity and desire to ‘give back’ through our support for various community organizations.

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Unity delivers a unique combination of tremendous corporate resources, expertise and geographic reach. Combined with an action oriented culture that incorporates accountability for project execution, Unity is a great company to work with.

Our customers face new challenges every day. And we love helping design solutions to overcome them. We have an extensive product portfolio and continue to develop new and better ways to provide solutions to meet the requirements and demands of our customers.

Unity receives awards each year from the manufacturers we represent, for best customer experience and satisfaction – that truly illustrate that what matters most to us is how much our customers benefit from their partnership with Unity. Recent awards include Avaya Cloud Partner of the Year, Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence and (Mitel) ShoreTel Circle of Excellence. All these awards required meeting exacting customer satisfaction scores.

Unity Connected Solutions is a private, financially healthy company with Canadian headquarters in Newmarket, Ontario, and US headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Branch offices are located in Oakville, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.