Cloud Solutions

Cloud deployed or managed applications are changing the way we work. It is less about the hardware needed to run the application and more about how we use the application. It also requires less IT involvement to manage and integrate systems.

Unity Connected Solutions offers cloud solutions for business telephony, unified communications, contact center and fax services. We also offers cloud managed data networking and SD-WAN.

ROI is faster as organizations can be up and running fast. Check out our complete suite of cloud solutions.

Contact Center

Contact centers remain the prime vehicle for customer engagement. Today’s contact centers can support email, chat and social media to traditional phone communication.

Our portfolio of contact center solutions covers from the smallest to largest organizations with industry leading products from Avaya, Five9, ShoreTel and Calabrio. We can deploy as premise based, cloud based or a combination of the two.

Check out how to dramatically improve your customer experience.

Unified Communications

Unified communications covers everything from simple business phone systems to advanced collaboration solutions. Unity has you covered. Our broad portfolio covers organizations of all sizes and needs.

Unity offers solutions from Avaya, ShoreTel, Panasonic and our own cloud brand, Flexfone. In the US we also offer Nextiva. We can provide upgrades to your existing platforms or completely new solutions – either premise or cloud deployed.

Don’t let the choice confuse you. Check what we offer and give us a call to help guide you.

Data Networking

Every communications solution today relies on the underlying data network infrastructure. It requires specialist skills to ensure that your data network is ready to manage real-time applications like voice and video. Unity has a team with the right skills.

Our portfolio includes products from Cisco, the data networking market leader, Cisco Meraki, the leader in cloud managed networking as well as Aruba, the wireless networking leader.


SD-WAN or Software Defined WANs are a game changer. Improving Wide Area Network performance, allowing organizations to securely leverage lower cost broadband internet and better manage cloud applications.

Unity offers VeloCloud SD-WAN. We can have you up and running in no time, as VeloCloud is so easy to deploy unlike traditional WANs.

If you are serious about saving on expensive MPLS networks and want better WAN performance, check out our SD-WAN section

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is a term applied to automated monitoring and alerting solutions for life safety and environmental monitoring. Healthcare, education, senior and assisted living, industrial organizations all have situations where speed of response is critical to a successful outcome.

Unity provides a number of products that automate and manage alerting and notification, including Status Solution’s SARA. If you need to improve emergency preparedness, mass notification, environmental monitoring or life safety, check out our Situational Awareness section.

Fax Services

FAX is still a key communication tool for many organizations for privacy, legal or compliance purposes. Current fax equipment is expensive and inflexible.

FAX-as-a-Service changes that. Cloud based FAX-as-a-Service eliminates onsite hardware, allows FAXing from anywhere, improves security and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO.)

To learn more, check out our FAX-as-a-Service solutions

Unity Managed Services

Last but not least, underpinning all of our solutions are our suite of managed services. Offload IT resources with day to day MAC managed services paid on a per user per month basis – to specifically fit your business.

Or leverage one of our infrastructure or VoIP management solutions where you can define which servers, switches, routers, etc, should be managed.

Stop paying for monolithic service contracts and start using Unity Managed Services designed to fit your organization and your budget