SIP Trunking

Save up to 50%+ on your Telco fixed trunks with Unity SIP

Pay for what you need, when you need it

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. Every contact is a new

Most businesses that are using traditional Telco voice services pay for up to 50% more lines than they needThat’s too much and it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Unity SIP, your SIP Trunks can be configured with Capacity

On Demand, which allows your business to manage spikes or drops in usage.

Traditional Telco trunks are oversubscribed. The number of trunks configured for your system are based on your, one, busiest hour of the week – so that none of your callers will hear a busy tone at that time. This means you are paying for trunks that go unused for 90% to 95% of the week.

Cost Savings

Next Generation Voice Services

SIP Trunking is the next evolution in the migration to VoIP. Until now, while your telephone system may be IP based your outside lines are still traditional Telco analog or digital trunks. Not any more, now you can get Unity SIP Trunks so that you can make end-to-end VoIP calls.

SIP Trunks work more efficiently because they leverage your broadband or internet connection and not a series of fixed lines from the Telco.

Instead of oversubscribing the number of fixed lines you need to cover for that one very busy hour every day, you can pay for what you use most of the time and only pay on demand when you need to go over. This is called ‘bursting’ or ‘Capacity on Demand.’

Next Generation Services

Capacity on Demand

With Unity SIP, your SIP Trunks can be configured with Capacity On Demand, which allows your business to manage spikes or drops in usage.

Unity SIP trunks provide greater flexibility with Capacity on Demand or Bursting. By only subscribing to what is needed most of the time, businesses save up to 50% or more on their legacy Telco networks with Unity SIP

No Busy Signals – at the Right Price

With Unity SIP there are no busy signals and—just as importantly—you’re not paying for that unused capacity. When you need the capacity, it’s there, it’s available, and you can consume as much you need, without any impact to your network.

Capacity on Demand

Dependability with Geo Redundancy and Sure Call

We recognize how important it is to offer the greatest degree of dependability when it comes to your voice services. Many organizations continue to pay for expensive, fixed voice facilities simply because of their concern over SIP trunk reliability. Unity SIP addresses those concerns by leveraging a Geo Redundant Core and Sure Call PBX Line Failover.

Total Redundancy: The first level of reliability is our Geo- Redundant core and redundant national voice network. Unity SIP leverages multiple network paths over diverse carriers and up to 8 simultaneous IP gateways. Unity SIP enables any one site to act as a complete fail-over to ensure business continuity.

Sure Call PBX Line Failover: With Unity SIP Sure Call PBX Line Failover organizations can specify a call forwarding number for each active DID (Direct Inward Dialling) that will only forward calls if your organization experiences connectivity issues.

Dependability and Security

Benefits of SIP Trunks

More Efficient Use of Bandwidth

Data networks are much more efficient users of bandwidth than dedicated, traditional digital and analog telecommunications connections. If there is no call on the ‘Telco’ line, you are paying for idle bandwidth. Those lines only have one purpose.

With a broadband or internet connection multiple ‘applications’ can leverage the bandwidth. Meaning that you get much more use out of your internet bandwidth than with ‘Telco’ lines.

And just to be safe, we tend oversubscribe our ‘Telco’ lines to account for that busiest hour of the week, so we don’t have ‘busy’ signals. Which means that for 95% of the week we pay for bandwidth that will never be used.

Lower Cost Bandwidth

Data networks are also the lowest cost per ‘byte’ we can buy these days.

To put it in perspective, a ‘Telco’ line is the equivalent of 64Kbps. Yes, that’s right, that’s a ‘K’ for a thousand bytes of data. An internet connection is measured in megabytes or million bytes of data.

A ‘Telco’ line would cost on average $50 per month for 64Kbps worth of connectivity while the equivalent internet bandwidth would be 100Mbps – a significant increase in bandwidth per dollar.

So you can see why people are migrating their communications bandwidth from those fixed telco lines to SIP Trunks.

Bursting - On Demand

SIP Trunks are sized to support the average day. If you typically use 10 trunks for most of the business day and only go up to 15 trunks for an hour in the afternoon, we would recommend paying for 10 SIP Trunks on a monthly recurring basis and use 5 trunks on demand for your busy time. We call that on-demand spike ‘bursting’.

Security with an SBC

Because you are using a data connection to now handle your voice calls you may question how we secure those lines.

Unity provides a Session Border Controller (SBC). This device allows us to do voice quality and reliability analysis and it is also your first line of defence against unwanted data attacks like DDoS.

SBCs provide quality of service checking, they manage network traversal and much, much more.

Bottom line, there is no risk in moving to SIP Trunks when an SBC is installed.

25-50% Cost Savings

By putting all those things together, the more efficient use of bandwidth, lower cost of internet bandwidth and bursting, customers can see anywhere from 25% to 50% savings per month over their standard ‘Telco’ line costs.

Number Portability, DIDs & Toll Free

SIP Trunks can do all that was done with your traditional trunks.

Your existing phone numbers can be ported over – just as they can be today moving from one carrier to another.

SIP Trunks support DID or Direct Inward Dial capability. With DID a call can be sent directly to a PBX extension.

Pay for your PBX Upgrade

If you are struggling to find new funds to update, upgrade or replace current, dated telephone systems while overpaying for ‘Telco’ lines, then migrating to SIP Trunks might be an option to consider.

By saving 25% to 50% every month by migrating to SIP Trunks it can create budget room to cover some or all of the cost of an upgrade or replacement.

The savings can be that significant!

Don't get Penned in by Telco

To prevent companies taking advantage of savings elsewhere, ‘Telcos’ have been getting customers to lock themselves into long contracts.

In some cases auto-renewing a long term, locked-in contract without the customer even realizing this has happened.

Check your current contracts now so it doesn’t prevent you access to long term savings – whether for SIP Trunks or other solutions.

Will my PBX Support SIP?

Originally PBXs that were not SIP enabled could not have SIP Trunks connected. Even when some systems claimed to be SIP enabled, it required additional, proprietary hardware and licenses.

Since then, Session Border Controllers or SBCs not only entered the market but have come down in price.

These non-proprietary devices allow SIP to be connected on one side and your existing PBX trunks on the other side. So no changes are required to the PBX. In addition, SBCs provide security, quality control and aid in problem resolution.

Now any system can support SIP Trunks.

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