At Unity Connected Solutions, we recognize that communications solutions have an incredibly positive impact on your business – when well executed, managed and maintained.

We have created a suite of managed services that should match any business, whether small or large, whether one site or many, no matter where they are located in Canada and the United States. But we also recognize that not all businesses are the same and where those pre-packaged services may not fit, we can design custom managed support packages.

To service our customers effectively, our teams are located in Canada and the United States, not offshore.

Unity has also created a set of services to help customers to optimize their existing systems. The professional services include risk assessments and advice on how to mitigate those risk as well as ‘tune-up’ assessments and services that will let you optimize the infrastructure and solutions in place. They are intended to help you get the most out of your current investments.

The Unity difference is brought to life through our people. Every Unity employee has a strong sense of professionalism and is commited to our customers. Our management team is just as committed to our employees and representatives who give so much to keep our customers satisfied. Unity’s customer satisfaction survey results, compiled by Software International Inc., have exceeded 97% excellent for the last two years. Currently the Unity team provides support for over 3000 systems across Canada, in more than 200 cities.

Unity is a great place to work and this shines through our people to our customers every day. As a Services based company it is of the utmost importance to make every customer experience enjoyable and make every interaction easy. We empower our people to make that possible, and every request is viewed as an opportunity to prove ourselves.

Our technicians are Factory CERTIFIED to support solutions from:


Comprehensive Maintenance Support

You have just made a significant investment in a new or upgraded communications solution and need to ensure you get the most out of it, which is why you need to consider a comprehensive maintenance package from Unity.

Unity can help mitigate any risk with a 24x7x365 maintenance contract that includes, parts, labour, remote help desk and/or a truck roll with a manufacturer certified technician.

Unity uses an advanced ticketing system to ensure all your calls or remote diagnostic alarms are handled efficiently and effectively and provide you with management reports. Unity uses advanced diagnostics that often indicates problems before you are aware, and one of our, factory Tier 3 certified, remote help desk staff will resolve the problem using our proven support methodology.

Our maintenance plans include two preventive maintenance checks where we will review power, UPS, whether remote access, backups and alarms are working effectively and other items that could impact, not just the wellbeing of your communications systems, but reduce the impact of errors, such as incorrectly labeled wiring.

Managed Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC)

Some Moves, Adds, or Changes (MAC) are more complex than moving one or two phones. In fact, they can be more complex than a completely new installation or upgrade, because it has to be coordinated in a much shorter window of time. Your staff may not have the time or the skills to properly manage such work. Unity can provide a Project Manager and the staff to carry out the MAC as a Managed MAC.

Global Support

For customers who have locations outside of Canada and the United States, Unity has the ability to extend support through our Alliance Support Program. We have created an Alliance Program with Partners who provide equivalent support using factory certified technicians outside of North America, through our dedicated Alliance Manager, to build a comprehensive program for you. For Avaya customers, we are also the exclusive Aura Alliance Partner for Canada

Major Account Support Team

Larger businesses or those with multiple locations across the country may require a dedicated Major Account Support package. Major Account team support includes a dedicated team that will provide day-to-day management and support for all moves, adds, and changes as well as maintenance support. Unity acts as your team, receiving requests, prioritizing, coordinating with your other staff, Unity staff or other service providers as required.

Unity would engage in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering the work to be performed, including agreed response times. One, complete package that covers everything required to support your business.

Dedicated Technician On Site (DTOS)

Some of your requirements go beyond our standard, comprehensive, maintenance support that may include a dedicated technician on site. This could be due to a number of reasons from the size of your property, because of the number of different communications solutions you have in place, that you have enchanced time-to-respond requirements or any number of other key situations.

Either way, we have you covered. Unity can provide a custom DTOS contract to suit your needs. This person acts and behaves as your employee, matching your working hours and company policies but providing the high quality support from an experienced and fully trained Unity technician. As a DTOS is intended to fulfill a very specific role unique to your business, it will require a custom quote.

FLEX Resources

There are times when you need to supplement your team for a short period due to planned or unplanned situations; Maternity leave, a health issue, vacation, temporary reassignments, etc. Whatever the reason, Unity can provide a certified resource to step in whether for a very short or longer period of time. Rather than struggle to provide the level of service required from your team, call Unity to quote on a FLEX Resource.


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning

While a support or maintenance contract mitigates the day-to-day risk from a parts failure or some other form of product or system malfunction, this doesn’t prevent some larger ‘disaster’ from impacting your business. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) documents what should happen in the case of any number of man-made or natural disasters, what needs to be put in place to enact the DRP and the process to review and monitor the DRP.

In most cases, the ‘disaster’ is a short term impact to the business, but given today’s ‘always on’ world of 24×7 customer service, your most important technology in any disaster are your communications systems. It therefore makes sense to have a Communications Technology DRP in place.

Unity works with customers to review your options, how to most effectively ensure your communications systems can be twinned or made redundant or other options to ensure continuous communications support. Linking it into your overall disaster recovery plan.

Toll Fraud Security Audit

There are many ways in which Toll Fraud can still impact a business. From the costs of long distance or international telephone calls billed back to you, to the very real possibility that your long distance service provider or telephone company may shut down your access to the network until you have proven you have secured your system or, worse, the PR impact if your system is being implicated in criminal activities. There are many reasons this can happen from the changeover in system administration staff, through poor documentation or that hackers are continually looking at new ways to expose loopholes. These have happened and continue to happen.

A Toll Fraud Security Audit is a complete analysis of your current telephone system programming and configuration, reviewing all known points of risk. The comprehensive report will detail the known risks, whether your system is at risk AND what you should do to address the risk.

Network Assessments

Perhaps your network is running ‘slow’ or you are thinking of adding more applications or services and want to understand the impact to your network? Then you should consider a Network Assessment.

A network assessment is a form of audit. We will attach a ‘network sniffer’ to your network that will ‘watch’ the traffic and provide detailed reports of the type of traffic, bandwidth utilized and by time of day. Many businesses would be surprised to see what kinds of services use the most bandwidth both LAN and WAN.

You may be considering a ‘cloud’ based service such as Salesforce.com, and discover that a lot of your WAN bandwidth is being used for non-business purposes or that you actually do need to increase WAN bandwidth to support this service. Rather than run into a performance challenge, impacting your organization and the team requiring use of the application, a network assessment would have identified any possible challenges ahead of time and for you to put a mitigation strategy in place.

Site Surveys (Custom)

Do you know what is in your communication’s rooms? For many multi-site customers that is not always true – particularly for remote facilities. And while low tech compared to the many technical assessments, a Site Survey that completely documents your communications room environment, can save money by avoiding wasted time and errors.

A Unity Site Survey will document all cable, all electrical, all service provider connections – with images. Future work required in these rooms can be carried out safe in the knowledge that you know where everything is and how it is connected.

Telco Audit

It is not uncommon that, over time, a business has added and deleted incoming lines and trunks from the Telephone Company, and it is unclear whether you are still paying for unused or unnecessary connections. Lets face it, those bills are hardly the easiest to read and understand.

A Unity Telco Audit will review your current lines and trunks, show what type they are, number identification and whether they are still connected at the Telco end. We provide detailed information for you to make an informed decision of whether to keep any lines or whether you wish to recover the cost of unused lines from the Telco.

There are many unscrupulous companies out there that will want a percentage of the savings over time. We only charge for the Telco Audit service, the savings are yours.

Tune-Up Services

Communications systems today offer some very advanced capabilities. However, when first installed, there is so much to consider to ensure that the system is cutover on time or your business simply was not ready to take full advantage of those capabilities. We understand those challenges and created a series of ‘tune-up’ services to help you to get the most out of your systems.

At its most basic, a Tune-Up will include an assessment of your current system configuration, a review of your goals, recommendations to reconfigure the system and the work to implement those agreed recommendations. In some cases it will include staff retraining.

The most common Tune-Ups revolve around Contact Centers. Today’s Contact Center can do so much to improve your customer’s experience; We can help you move from basic call handling to advanced call handling to improve that experience centred on segmenting your customer base. We can review your reporting and analytics, to show you how to understand what is happening within your centre and areas for optimization. We can help you decide whether to add Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording and call logging. Or just optimizing any of those tools if already in place.