Physical Security

Physical Security: Amano Omnia Solution

Amano Omnia Solution

The best building security system

Amano Omnia is a completely integrated access control solutions with a complete range of CCTV cameras and door controllers. Designed using the latest industry technology, Omnia offers enhanced features and maximum system flexibility to accommodate growth over the years.

This includes interchangeable readers and controllers without causing disintegration.

Omni access control provides the easiest system to manage while providing improved control and efficiency of facility operations.

Read on to learn more about Omnia wiegand modules, controllers, and readers, along with industry-leading OMNIA Management Software Suite.

Why Omnia?

  • Modular: OMNIA introduces brand new approach to access control…modular components snap together for easy installation and one-click door setup simplifies configuration. You are up and running in minutes, not hours.
  • Flexible: OMNIA offers unrivalled flexibility with one solution. Modular components capable of multiple modes, minimize inventory. Control Modules easily switch into a door, system, embedded or legacy controller. Reader modules snap-in for easy expansion.
  • Scalable: Supports thousands of reader types, starting with our entire Amano Reader range to third-party Wiegand readers, long-range readers, License Plate Cameras with Wiegand output, UHF with keyfob transmitters, magstrip, barcode, parking and vehicle tag readers and much more.
  • Quality: OMNIA hardware is built to the highest quality standards that you have come to expect from Amano Security products for years. Installation and expansion of the system is as easy as hot-swapping in modules as needed.
  • UL Certified: OMNIA hardware is UL Certified and ready to install. Available in IPS fully-enclosed metal or ABS Plastic housings. (UL and CSA.)
  • Intelligent: Intuitive, with an easy to use software interface
  • Customizable: Customer is able to tailor the system to your specific needs with our dashboard, while reports are also customized
  • Integration: Operates with a host of third party products

Omnia System & Modules

Control Module

The OMNIA Control Module is the heart of the system and the fundamental building block for all OMNIA systems. It is one of the most diverse modules in the industry. True plug-and-play modular hardware means you simply plug units together and all the power and communication cabling is done for you, with just one click.

The ability to plug several reader modules into one Access Portal controller is termed ‘clustering’, creating a highly cost-effective solution as one cluster controller can manage up to eight reader modules and 16 readers – no longer are you constrained to one controller per door.

As a system controller, it provides offline functionality with a full on-board copy of the OMNIA database, multiple modes simplify site specifications and installations, meaning it can operate independently, when needed.

Omnia Wiegand Reader Module

The OMNIA Wiegand Reader Module is the only door controller hardware you should ever need on your site.  Reader modules simply clip into the cluster controller for one of the most rapid installation procedures ever seen.  With just one click, your power and communication cabling is done.  This unit supports the entire Amano Wiegand reader range as well as most third party Wiegand readers including long-range readers, License Plate Cameras with Wiegand output, UHF with key fob transmitters, magstripe, barcode, parking and vehicle tag readers and much more.

The Omnia Wiegand Reader Module Features:

  • ARM Cortex M0 Processor operating at 45MHz
  • Hot Swappable
  • Dual Reader Ports
  • Two SPDT 10A Relay
  • Up to eight modules per cluster controller
  • End-of-line (EOL) Sensing on Door Open Sensor (DOS) Input

Omnia Reader Support

Amano offers a diverse array of access control readers, to meet a variety of installation requirements. These include interior and exterior readers, with the smallest reader footprints.

The Amano Reader operates with Amano proximity cards, which is more economical to HID

Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring that legacy 125kHz proximity tags and the new 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.

Amano also offers fingerprint biometric readers, keypads and non-keypad variants.

Omnia Software Suite

OMNIA is designed with the user in mind. The intuitive software provides wizards and alerts, to ensure you’re able to quickly and effectively manage your site.

The Omnia Suite includes scheduled tours, threat level management, integration of world class biometric readers and 24-hour access through any HTML 5 compliant device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

OMNIA provides you with superior control that is exceptionally capable, yet simple to configure. The vast feature sets makes it one of the most flexible systems available and everything you need to manage and control your premises is quickly accessible within OMNIA.  Along with user-intuitive processes and auto-hardware identification, the configuration and commissioning of OMNIA can quickly be achieved, no matter the size of your operation.

Omnia Camera Options
From Bullet, Domes, Fisheye, Motorized, Multi-lens - we have you covered

Amano Bullet Camera

Commonly used in car parks and overlooking entrances.

Can be fixed or varifocal, motorized zoom, infra-red and in 3, 5 or 8MP resolution.

Amano Dome Cameras

The most versatile camera style in the range with 12 models. Commonly used in underground parking lots, interior doorways and vestibule with motorized zooms in corridors and hallways

From 2 to 8MP, fixed or varifocal, Motorized and more

Amano Motorized Eyeball

Commonly used in underground parking lots, interior doorways and vestibule with motorized zooms in corridors and hallways

From 2 to 8MP, fixed or varifocal, Motorized and more.

Amano Fisheye Camera

Commonly used in 4 way corridors, 2 way panoramic views or larger open spaces.

Includes dewarping and can be separated into 4 channels.

Omnia Capabilities & Use Cases

Omnia System Dashboard

The dashboard provides the ability to personalize your working area to suit your specific needs – from an IP camera feed, to quick enroll or live transaction feed – you choose how you work best.  The system incorporates a powerful zoning tool for enhanced people movement control and, when coupled with the extensive reporting functions, enables you to quickly see what’s happening on your premises.  The software also provides a wide array of standard reports, as well as the means for you to generate customized reports for single or multiple site management

An open API allows for integrations with other 3rd party applications such as fire systems, elevator systems, CCTV systems.  Many other applications, such as Nurse Call, Parcel Pending, or wireless locks have also been integrated into OMNIA.

Threat Level Detection

Threat level provides the opportunity for you to change the access rights to your site, depending on your changing security needs. There are four different threat levels – low, elevated, high and severe. By changing the threat level, all previous patterns are automatically overridden. This enables you to change your entire site, or a specific area or building, to increase or reduce additional identification requirements. For example, in a situation of potential damage or violence, the threat level may be raised to severe and authentication for all entry points requires biometrics, pin and tag.

Threat level can also be used to drive relays or inputs for any third party devices, to create a sequence of events such as the setting of a high threat level results in an alarm being triggered, flashing lights and siren.

Remote Door Unlock

Instantly open a door relay simply by clicking the unlock feature in both the Live! transaction viewer and the reader view.

This valuable feature means that an authorized person can now quickly open a door when noticing a denied transaction, or under pre-determined event sequences. Security is still assured.

Scheduled Tours

The remote management of scheduled functions, such as a guard undertaking a routine patrol of the property, or cleaners undertaking their duties, can be managed through scheduled tours.

The route is plotted for the required staff to follow along with time parameters. The staff must “tag-in” at the required areas and time. If the routine is not followed, or completed an event is created. All tours, whether completed or not, are recorded in the database for full auditability and reporting.

Tagholder Image Tags

Organizations frequently require more than one form of identification on record. Through the tagholder image record, you can save up to three images per tagholder. This could be a photograph, a driver’s license and an identity card, which provides for enhanced site security.

The documents are scanned and are allocated and stored against the relevant tagholder (person). The default image will also be shown in the Live! transaction viewer screen – when an operator clicks on the view, all three images assigned to the tagholder can be viewed

Omnia: Additional Capabilities
Car Park Access & Control

Car Park Access & Revenue

Amano Gated parking product lines, Overture and Aria, provide an enhanced customer experience, while increasing the owners revenue! Providing gated access control via card readers, LPR, Bluetooth, or AVI readers is also available.

Car Park Analytics

Smarking is a San Francisco based technology company serving commercial real estate owners, parking operators, municipalities, and others to maximize parking asset returns. Consisting of a team of MIT data scientists, urban real estate and mobility experts, software engineers, and business professionals, Smarking’s market leading business intelligence and yield management software currently empowers over 2,000 parking locations across North America, maximizing asset income, tenant satisfaction, and cost savings

Valet Management

With over 800 clients worldwide, Computerized Valet Parking Systems (CVPS), is a pioneer of today’s popular valet parking technology, developing, installing and supporting its market leading solutions for over 20 years. The electronic valet parking technology industry generates return on investment by increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. Through their innovative solutions, they reduce labor costs and exposure to liability for damage claims using software comprised of mobile, web and PC-based applications. CVPS makes it possible to record each step in the valet parking process, from guest arrival to departure and everything in-between.