Nurse Call

Going beyond Nurse Call with true Situational Awareness

Life Safety, Security, Environmental Monitoring, Mass Notification

What if there were a single solution that could all that and more? Provide the core 'Nurse Call' capabilities you need but also integrate in much broader monitoring, alerting and reporting so that you can offer better care AND be more efficient?

We have been implementing Status Solution's SARA system into hundreds of retirement, assisted and LTC facilities across Canada.

Read on to find more about Situational Awareness, Status Solution's SARA and the possibilities they bring.

Situational Awareness

Its a grand term but it does have a real meaning. The only way to ensure that your organization can meet any life safety, security or environmental monitoring plan is to automate the task. Always on monitoring, targeted alerting with built-in escalation, the ability to integrate into existing fire safety systems are all part of what Status Solutions calls Situational Awareness.

With centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting, you can deliver emergency notifications or other announcements to virtually any screen – workstations, smartphones, tablets and digital signage including TVs. The most common applications for situational awareness include life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

FAX Services

Core Capabilities

Mobile Duress

Hospitals, educational institutions, industrial sites, retirement living homes all have staff, clients, residents or students that could be anywhere on the property and suffer mobile duress. In any situation where someone needs help – the use of ‘panic’ or ‘help me’ buttons or pendants can be used to call for help, providing location information.

It might be staff who are in a high-risk environments or need others to help resolve a situation. It could be a student needing help on campus or a senior needing help in a hime. When this happens, we refer to it as mobile duress.

A speedy response is often critical in these circumstances. Knowing the location of the person needing help is crucial in providing the fastest response. So a system that can not only receive the alert but provide location based information when notifying respondents is key to a positive outcome.

Smoke Detection

Fires in senior living homes can have tremendous challenges for staff and residents. Recent fires have highlighted the need for advanced warning to ensure enough time to evacuate residents and staff – especially those vulnerable people that require help.

How fast they can respond to alerts, most notably smoke and fire detection?

Using an advanced, software based, automated system, ensures that any fire emergency plan is optimally executed.

Environmental Monitoring

Alerting and notification can extend to property. Environmental monitoring of HVAC systems, refrigeration units, boilers, windows, doors and more can automatically alert when something is wrong. Early detection and prevention can save an organization thousands of dollars. For example a boiler leaking and causing water damage or a hospital medical refrigerator spoiling medication.

Without tools, without automation, this requires staff members to manually perform some very manual, often menial tasks – and understand the implications of that work. Status Solution’s SARA not only automatically senses when something is wrong, it directly alerts the right person to respond. Even that is an outside service provider.

Mass Notification

Higher expectations are placed on institutions that are responsible for the more vulnerable in our society which includes hospitals, senior and assisted living, and schools. Mass notification plays an integral role in an emergency preparedness planning.

While you can’t control all the causes of emergencies, certainly not the weather, you can control how you prepare, plan and respond.

Emergency preparedness planning needs to embed communications into their disaster recovery scenarios.

With the tools available to us today, we can monitor and alert in real-time. We need to interface this with the ability to communicate appropriately – right person at the right time. This requires a system that can incorporate a variety of communication media – voice, text, email, etc – as well as the rules to determine when, who and how communication will take place. Best practice indicates that this should be automated.

Wireless Mesh - Not Wifi / Lower Cost - Better Location Mapping

Status Solution’s SARA uses a series of Wireless Repeaters strategically placed around your building and even cover exterior areas of your property. The SARA server has a network coordinator attached that can receive wireless inputs. (These are not WiFi antenna and cover a much, much larger range with fewer APs than a traditional WiFi based systems – making it far less expensive.)

SARA’s repeaters only require local power to operate. All communications are handled over wireless back to the Server. No other wiring, such as Ethernet cabling is required eliminating the need to open ceilings, add conduit and run cable. In fact, because the repeaters can be fed from a backed up power source, they can operate even if the power has failed.

Installation staff ‘map’ out your facility, storing positional (vector) information in the SARA server. When a mobile device is pressed, the ‘vector’ information associated with that device is sent to the SARA server and compared to its internal map to identify the exact position or location of the device. Fixed devices don’t require this positional information as it is pre-coded into the SARA server database.

Intelligent Rules Based Engine

The core of the system is the Status Solution’s SARA server based software that provides the intelligent rules based engine. Organizations can automate their event responses depending on the input device. Who should I notify, how should I notify – for this specific event – and program that response into the system. Once an alert from that device is triggered, the rule is run, automatically. No human intervention is required.

Escalations can be built into those rules. If the first notification is not acknowledged within a time you identify, the next step in the rule is initiated. This could be to notify another colleague, supervisor, manager or all of these. You can have many steps in any rule.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting means that organizations can both improve adherence to life safety and security plans, provide proof that actions took place at the specific time.

For public sector organizations Status Solutions provides complete reporting of every alert, the time the alert was received and acknowledged and the time the alert was resolved.

Life Safety

  • Pull Cords
  • IMobile Duress Buttons
  • Pendants or Wrist Straps
  • Wall Mounted Buttons
  • Bed Sensors
  • Chair Sensors

Environmental Monitoring

  • Temperature/Humidity Sensors
  • Harsh Environment Sensors
  • Water Bug/Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Motion Detector
  • Door/Window Transmitter
  • Cigarette Buster
  • Power On/Off Monitor
  • Universal Relay Transmitter

Full Integration

  • Fire Panels
  • Security Panels
  • Access Control
  • Building Management Systems
  • Cordless Telephone Systems
  • Paging Systems
  • Wall Boards
  • Video Paging
  • Relay Devices
  • Dome Lights
  • Intercom Systems
  • Email

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