Unified Communications

Unified Communications covers everything from basic telephone systems all the way up to online, web based collaboration tools. It gets its name from the fact that a user can access all communications capabilities – voice messages, text, chat, video and more from a single ‘unified’ interface. It does it in a secure business provided tool rather than using insecure public applications to share your proprietary information.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Cloud Solutions

There is a lot of talk about cloud right now – and rightly so. Cloud delivered applications have tremendous advantages for business. They are fast to get up and running, are built for mobility and let business users access the most advanced communication and collaboration capabilities. Best of all, they are charged on a monthly fee basis – limited to no upfront costs required. Businesses of all sizes and number of locations can benefit from cloud.

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Managed Services

How do you leverage technology to run your business without becoming the technology company? Managed Services. Supplement when and where it makes most sense. Fill in for expertise. For example, network security is vitally important but can stretch IT teams. Fill in for capability gaps. Storage, Backup and DR. Fill in for low value work. Voice or Help Desk support. Managed Services can free up the time your staff need to focus on more strategic business.

Data Networks

Data networks are fundamental to every business application today. This includes supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) in the form of access control, video collaboration, video surveillance and even HVAC systems. The fact they are used for everything means care must be used in selecting the right products that have the appropriate capabilities to allow optimum configuration. And a partner that has the expertise to design, install and provide complete support.

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