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We design, implement, optimize and manage voice, video and data communication technologies that improve business productivity, efficiency and communication quality today and into the future.

Technology is in constant change and not surprisingly it is changing the way our customers do business. This in turn is driving the need for customers to collaborate with a trusted advisor to envision, implement, optimize and manage their voice, video and data communication technologies.

Our business is all about working closely with customers to help them solve their most pressing communication challenges. Our goal is to partner with our customers and help you arrive at the solution that best fits your business.

Unity Connected Solutions: Driven by Customers, Powered by Trust

Driven by Customers - Powered by Trust

Unified Communications

Unified Communications covers everything from basic telephone systems all the way up to web based collaboration tools. It gets its name from the fact that a user can access all communications capabilities – voice messages, text, chat, video and more, from a single unified interface. Unified Communications is a secure business tool so that staff are not using unsecured public applications to share proprietary information.

Contact Center

Contact Centres are critical to business because they are the focus of customer interaction. Todays contact centres can support email, chat, and social media to traditional phone communication.

Our portfolio of contact centre solutions cover from the smallest to the largest organizations, with industry leading products from Avaya, Five9 and Mitel. We can deploy on premise based, cloud based, or a combination of the two.

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Cloud Solutions

There is a lot of talk about cloud right now – and rightly so. Cloud delivered applications have tremendous advantages for business. Cloud solutions are much faster to deploy, are built for mobility, and provide immediate access to the most advanced communication capabilities. Best of all, they are charged on a monthly fee basis – requiring limited or no upfront costs. Cloud solutions fit businesses of all sizes or number of locations.

We offer a complete cloud portfolio including telephony, unified communications, contact centre as well as cloud managed WAN and Data networking.

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Data Networks

Data Networks are fundamental to every business today. All communications and collaboration technology needs high quality data networking to work effectively.

Unity offers traditional and cloud managed networking. Cloud managed networking offers significant advantages for business, removing the complexity to set up and manage networks, while providing greater oversight of what is happening. Our portfolio includes cloud managed wireless networking, network switching and security.


Distributed or multi-site organizations face considerable challenges in deploying Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), low latency applications, cloud, video, and mobile technology. These are required to drive the business forward, but are impacted by the increasing demand for high quality bandwidth between locations.

SD-WAN is a revolution, solving the challenge by providing a cloud managed overlay to leverage lower cost internet bandwidth, while optimizing application performance. SD-WAN provides Dynamic Path Selection, Smart QoS, Application performance Monitoring and Link Steering Remediation.

SIP Trunks

The advantages gained with business communications moving to Voice over IP (VoIP) were limited when making calls outside your building. Telco lines are sized to the busiest period of the day, meaning you are paying for expensive, fixed monthly services you won’t use 90% of the time.

SIP Trunks are VoIP ready and can be sized to match your normal business usage, allowing you to burst or scale up services only when needed. This simpler service is less expensive and easier to design, operate and maintain.

Managed Services

How do you leverage technology to run your business without becoming the technology company? Managed Services leverage monthly fee based services that can be acquired to match your business needs, rather than monolithic service contracts.

Supplement and Managed Services when and where it makes the most sense for your business. Fill in for expertise, fill in for capability gaps in areas like storage, backup and disaster recovery. Fill in for less valued work that we can perform much more efficiently. Managed Services can free up the time your staff need to focus on more strategic business.

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