Voice Enabling Office 365

Voice Enabling Office 365

Your Options to Voice Enable Microsoft Office 365 / Teams

Built for productivity

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based office productivity solution, delivered from the cloud. In addition to the core productivity tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Office 365 includes the fastest growing collaboration capability – Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a chat based collaboration hub that lets users and groups, share files, carry out online meetings, video calling, desktop sharing and so much more. But there is one glaring gap. You can’t easily make or receive calls with external users.

There are ways to voice enable your Office 365 set up. Read on to learn more.

Unity Connected Solutions – the experts at Voice Enabling Office 365.

Unity SIP 365

Direct Connect with SIP and a Certified Session Border Controller

Microsoft Calling Plan

Add a Microsoft Calling Plan to your Office 365 Platform

Microsoft Business Voice

Add Phone System Licenses to you Office 365 Platform

Unity SIP 365

Direct Connect

Unity SIP 365 direct connects external or PSTN SIP Trunks into your Microsoft Office 365 solution.

We use a Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller that lets users make and receive calls directly into their Office 365 or Teams client.

For those companies or users who are not yet fully embracing Teams, Unity SIP 365 allows them to leverage their existing PBX. Calls can ‘ring’ both the PBX Deskphone and/or the Office 365/Teams client. Unanswered calls go to a single, unified Microsoft Office mailbox.

This is the least expensive option. Unity SIP 365 is priced per organization not per user and leverages inexpensive SIP trunks.

Microsoft Calling Plans

Microsoft Calling Plans, the most expensive option, turn your Office 365 solution into a PBX. First you have to buy a Phone System Add-On license for each user. Then you must buy either a Domestic or International Calling Plan subscription per user. This will cost about $25 to $40 per user per month. For Audio Conferencing, add another $5+ per month.

If you have existing phone numbers they can be ported over to your Office 365 account. Users can leverage their Teams client with a USB headset or a SIP device to make and receive calls.

It does have the advantage of allowing Microsoft Office 365 users make and receive calls from anywhere, including using their mobile client on an iOS or Android smart phone.

Delivered from Microsoft's Cloud

If you have less than 300 Microsoft Office 365 users, you are eligible to use the Microsoft Business Voice licenses. These bundle Microsoft Phone System, 3,000 minutes of calling and DID audio conferencing for $25 per user.

Still more expensive than using a Direct Connect approach but it turns your Office 365 system into a full fledged Cloud PBX.

It has the advantage of creating a resilient voice solution that can be used by your staff anywhere – on the road, in the office or on your client’s premises.

For businesses under 300 users who have fully embraced Microsoft Teams, this is probably the best option.

True, Full Business Voice Solutions

Business Voice Devices

For every work experience, for any space and any working style, there’s a Microsoft Teams device to choose from. Having Teams UI on desk phone delivers a seamless Teams experience across a variety of certified devices. Microsoft Teams Rooms brings a modern, easy to use and consistent experience to all meeting spaces with one touch join and a rich set of AI enabled capabilities.

We sell the Yealink series of handsets, for those looking for a traditional business calling experience, which are certified to work with Microsoft Teams.

Why Unity to Enable Microsoft Office 365 for You

Deep Voice Expertise

Unity Connected Solutions has been designing, implementing and supporting voice solutions for over 15 years. Our team has incredible expertise with thousands of years of experience.

We have experience with traditional premise based systems, cloud systems and hybrid solutions.

We understand real-time voice communications. There can be challenges ensuring the highest voice quality if not implemented well. We have helped solve our customers ‘VoIP’ challenges on premise and are doing it again as they migrate to the cloud.


We understand that every organization is different. From existing technology infrastructure, size of their IT team, business processes and more.

That is why we offer a broad array of products and services, including SIP trunks, SIP 365 and Managed Services.

We have seen it all before and can guide you on your best path to a Microsoft 365 calling solution.