NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud & AWS

Solving the Cloud Connectivity Challenge

The single biggest obstacle for most companies moving to the ‘cloud’, or challenge that companies have once they have moved to the ‘cloud’, is the performance of their Internet connectivity. Learn why NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud & AWS go better together.

Broadband internet is almost ubiquitous these days. There are many options from copper, cable, fibre to LTE. While speeds and bandwidth increase, the cost per GB is going down. However, the overall performance can be spotty.

Unity has been solving this problem by implementing an NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. The solution includes on-site SD-WAN gateways, managed from the cloud.

VeloCloud expands integration of cloud-delivered SD-WAN to Amazon Web Services

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How does NSX SD-WAN help?

There are two key ways in which NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud improves cloud performance.

The first is by allowing multiple bandwidth sources to be used dynamically. Organizations can plug in fibre, copper, cable or LTE connections to a single VeloCloud Gateway. The VeloCloud Orchestrator is constantly monitoring the performance of each network connection and can optimize which connection is used based on current connectivity performance – network outage, jitter, delay, packet loss, etc.

The second is through a series of intelligent capabilities that provide continuous link quality monitoring, application steering, link remediation and more.

Dynamic MultiPath Optimization

Aggregate broadband Internet, 4G-LTE, and MPLS circuits with application-aware per-packet link steering and on-demand remediation to achieve optimal performance for demanding, real-time voice and video over any transport.

Link Remediation

Error and jitter (variable delay) correction, automated failover and steering to protect against brownouts and blackouts. Especially critical for high quality voice and or low latency application performance.

Network Agility

Because SD-WAN is cloud-delivered and software based, it allows for quick adaptation to changing needs including adding access to cloud-based services, standing up new branches or remote offices, and dynamic routing of all traffic for optimized application and data delivery.

Scaling with Gateways

Cloud-Delivered NSX SD-WAN incorporates a distributed network of service gateways deployed at top tier cloud data centers around the world, providing scalability, redundancy and on-demand flexibility. VeloCloud Gateways provide optimized data paths to all applications, branches and data centers along with the ability to deliver network services from the cloud.

VeloCloud 'Native' AWS Gateway

The VeloCloud Edges are zero-touch enterprise-class appliances that provide secure optimized connectivity to private, public and hybrid applications, compute and virtualized services. VeloCloud Edges perform deep application recognition, application and packet steering, performance metrics and end to end quality of service in addition to hosting virtual network function (VNF) services.

Velocloud Edges can be offered as physical appliances or virtual machines which can be installed on hypervisors or public cloud.

VeloCloud native AWS integration means that your VeloCloud Gateway to Gateway connectivity provides optimum performance for all your AWS supported applications.

VeloCloud Orchestrator

The VeloCloud Orchestrator provides centralized enterprise-wide installation, configuration and real-time monitoring in addition to orchestrating the data flow through the cloud network. The VeloCloud Orchestrator enables one-click provisioning of virtual services in the branch, the cloud, or the enterprise datacenter.

Unity can help you with your AWS and your SD-WAN