Unity SIP365

Unity SIP365

Replace or Gracefully Migrate your Legacy PBX with Microsoft Teams and Unity SIP365

The best of both worlds

with Unity SIP365

Many organizations are adopting Microsoft Teams. One of the primary observation is that the cost of Microsoft Calling Plans are not scalable. There has to be a better way.

Unity’s answer is Direct Routing with Unity SIP365, which lets you replicate calls between Microsoft Teams and your legacy PBX, without duplicating Telco costs.

This approach allows you to evaluate both environments and lets you adopt Microsoft Teams at a pace that is comfortable for your organization or continue to have both environments co-exist.

Read on to learn how we do this.

The Graceful Migration Advantage

Many organizations recognize how hard it is to roll out a comprehensive and complex application like Microsoft Teams. While it brings significant collaboration capabilities, all change can be a challenge and it takes time to be fully adopted.

Unity’s allows you to have both your existing, legacy PBX and Microsoft teams co-exist. With Unity SIP 365 and Call Forking you can integrate Microsoft Teams and your legacy PBX.

This provides time for your IT staff and business decision makers to evaluate end points and devices such as handsets, desktops and conferencing tools.

Your organization can also take advantage of lower cost of SIP Trunking where the aggregation of your telephony capacity of all your locations translates into significant savings.

Unity SIP Trunking

Unity SIP Trunking is a more cost-effective approach to telecom. Unity SIP Trunking is compatible with most PBX systems in addition to Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. By aggregating the telecom capacity across all your locations, plus channel bursting, it can equate to 50%+ savings off your traditional Telco bill.

Unity SIP Trunking is compatible with most PBXs such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Panasonic as well as Session Border Controllers (SBC) from vendors such as Audiocodes, Avaya Cisco, Ribbon and more.

Five9 - Cloud Contact Centre

Five9 is the leader in Coud Contact Centre solutions and is a perfect complement to Microsoft Teams or any phone system.

Five9 is agnostic of any existing phone system infrastructure. All you need as an agent of Five9 is a phone number. As a supervisor you can continue to monitor, capture call recording, etc, even if your agents are using personal phones.

Five9 and Microsoft recently announced an integration between the two leading cloud platforms.

Now you can integrate the leading Cloud Contact Centre from Five9 with Microsoft Teams.

Bursting - Capacity on Demand

Unity will work with customers to determine a realistic number of SIP Trunking channels to handle your normal needs. When you have an unforecasted busy day, you won’t experience busy signals with Unity SIP Trunking: bursting will take care of that.

For those occasions when you have known periods requiring increased capacity, such as a large marketing campaign or seasonal activities, Unity’s MAC team will gladly temporarily adjust your capacity commitment.

Unity SIP Trunking is far more flexible than traditional Telco services.

Virtual or Physical SBC?

Whether your preference is to subscribe to an eSBC (OPEX model) or a physical SBC (CAPEX model) the Unity team can assist you with your architectural and business preferences.

40%+ Cost Savings

By aggregating Telco capacity across all your locations across the country and leveraging bursting, customers can see upwards of 40% per month over their standard ‘Telco’ line costs.

Number Portability and DIDs

SIP Trunking can more efficiently achieve the same results as your traditional, costly Telco services.

Unity will port all your existing phone numbers.

Finance your improvements

If you are struggling to find new funds to update, upgrade or replace current, dated telephone systems while overpaying for ‘Telco’ lines, then migrating to SIP Trunking might be an option to consider.

By saving 40%+ every month by migrating to SIP Trunking this opens up significant budget for other improvements.

The savings can be that significant!

Don't Let the Telco Pen You In

To prevent companies taking advantage of savings elsewhere, ‘Telcos’ have been locking customers into lengthy and rigid contracts.

Auto-renewing a long term, locked-in contract without the customer even realizing this has happened.

Check your current contracts now so it doesn’t prevent your access to long term savings.

Are your network and PBX SIP ready?

Ask us to evaluate your current infrastructure to see whether it is SIP compatible.

Unity account managers have tools to evaluate your overall readiness for SIP Trunking and Unified Communications.

The result of the assessment will provide you insights into any improvements or upgrades needed to future-proof your infrastructure.