Situational Awareness

Life Safety, Security, Environmental Monitoring, Mass Notification

Status Solutions: Situational Awareness

The only way to ensure that your organization can meet any life safety, security or environmental monitoring plan is to automate the task. Always on monitoring, targeted alerting with built-in escalation, the ability to integrate into existing fire safety systems are all part of what Status Solutions calls Situational Awareness.

Situational awareness means having real-time information about potential threats to people, property, business and convenience. It ensures that the right information goes to the right people on the right devices automatically for faster, more efficient communication, especially in the event of an emergency. In addition to emergency preparedness and response, it also improves business operations.

Situational awareness provides a wide view of what’s happening in and around an organization to prevent ignorance-based loss. With centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting, you can deliver emergency notifications or other announcements to virtually any screen – workstations, smartphones, tablets and digital signage including TVs. The most common applications for situational awareness include life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

Situational Awareness Features

Life Safety

Senior and retirement living, hospitals, clinics and public education among other organizations, hold the safety of their clients, students and staff in the highest regard. Even when they have developed the most rigorous disaster plans they rely on individuals recalling and following the plan in extreme circumstances. They rely on manual processes.

A software based platform that automates the management of alerting, escalation and notification in a planned sequence ensures that any plan is enacted in an orderly manner.

Our Status Solution can integrated into existing monitoring tools to enhance life safety.


Status Solutions integrates all of an organization’s security systems to help improve the protection of people and property. From access control to video surveillance and from motion sensors to glass-break detectors, Status Solution’s SARA provides centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. Inefficient, stand-alone alarms then are converted into detailed alerts delivered automatically and in real time to the people who need to know what’s happening and what to do about it: key individuals, select groups/response teams or entire populations, depending on predefined emergency alerting protocols.

Status Solutions’s situational awareness solution creates time – time to prevent and/or respond to any number of potential security threats.

Environmental Monitoring

The Status Solution’s SARA system also monitors and manages a variety of environmental sensors, providing real-time, alerting and notification that prevents property damage, inventory loss, and inconvenienced customers.

Status Solution’s SARA can monitor an impressive array of sensors and detectors and alerts the right people first time with built-in escalation. If a medical refrigerator is out of limits or a boiler is leaking, the maintenance team are notified immediately. Even if that staff is off-site, on call or if a third party service company.

Mass Notification

Triggered notifications are a key element of any emergency or disaster plan. The Status Solution’s SARA allows organizations to predefine who, how and when an individual or group of people will be called when an event is triggered.

This could be in response to a fire alarm, extreme weather condition or any number of conditions. For some organizations, it may require mass notification in which all parties must be notified. Status Solutions’ SARA can integrate with almost any communication system – telephone system, paging, email and more.

Status Solution’s SARA is flexible enough to allow different alerts to be set up, distinguishing between the many different types of emergency. For example, in an educational environment, a fire alarm would send out alerts to evacuate people and alert the fire authorities whereas a severe snow storm would alert staff and mass notify staff , students and parents where necessary.

Automated Alerting & Escalations

The only way to ensure that an action is taken based on a trigger or event happening is to use software to automate the process. Status Solution’s SARA is essentially a purpose designed application that has automated alerting, notification and escalation.

In the case of life safety it is essential to know not only that an alert has been created but that someone has responded. Status Solution’s SARA has a built-in process for acknowledgement and if not processed within a predetermined timeframe, to escalate to the next level and so on. Management can have peace of mind that any emergency plan will be properly activated.

Mobile Duress

Many emergency systems fail because they cannot address mobile duress. A senior, patient or student who has perhaps been bullied may need to alert for help in any location on your premises.

Status Solution’s SARA supports mobile duress by reacting to alerts from a pendant attached to a lanyard or wrist strap. By ‘mapping’ out the facility, Status Solution’s SARA can provide specific information regarding the person needing help and the exact location, speeding up help.

Smoke Detection

Smoke and Fire detection are always present dangers in organizational environments. Status Solution’s SARA can integrated with any smoke and fire panel system to provide immediate alert to staff of any smoke or fire detected. In cases were vulnerable people are at risk, the speed of response is critical to ensuring safe evacuation when necessary.

It can escalate and/or notify authorities in parallel to staff, enhancing response. Status Solution’s SARA can also alert residents, seniors, patients or students through a variety of devices from strobe lights, sirens, paging and more.

Situational Awareness

The term situational awareness originated with the military but has now become synonymous with an organization’s overall risk-strategy. It is used to create a framework to determine how to respond to any event from life safety, security to environmental monitoring and notification.

There is proof that coupling the speed and accuracy of an ‘alert’ to an automated set of response rules is the best way to determine a successful outcome.

Status Solution’s SARA stands for Situational Awareness and Response Assistant. Situational awareness is a risk management strategy that is intended to understand the threat and determine the best way to handle that threat. Today it is used as a framework for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification situations.

Status Solutions' SARA

Status Solution’s SARA stands for Situational Awareness and Response Assistant. SARA is a software application that manages the receipt of alerts from almost any sensor or detector and integrates into almost any communications system to provide notifications. SARA automates the notification process, including escalations and reporting. SARA runs on a server that is supplied as a purpose built appliance.

SARA uses a wireless mesh network that does not rely on an expensive 802.1 WiFi based infrastructure. Each SARA Repeater only requires local power. Repeaters connect to each other and the main server wirelessly. SARA can cover large buildings and campus environments inexpensively.

The SARA Positioning System (SPS) uses vector mapping to provide specific location information – the lounge, parking lot A, library, to handle mobile duress scenarios.

Wireless, Not WIFI

Status Solutions can install anywhere as it uses a wireless MESH system to manage alerts.

Status Solutions uses a series of wireless repeaters that simply require AC power and can cover vast distances. This means a Status Solutions system can fit into any environment, quickly, simply and cost effectively.

Wireless MESH is not Wifi. So it does not require expensive WiFi access points, does not suffer from Wifi interference and does not load or require upgrades to your data network.

A Wireless MESH solution allows Status Solutions to pinpoint the exact location of mobile duress buttons

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting means that organizations can both improve adherence to life safety and security plans, provide proof that actions took place at the specific time.

For public sector organizations Status Solutions provides complete reporting of every alert, the time the alert was received and acknowledged and the time the alert was resolved.

Full Integration

Status Solutions can integrate into a complete range of existing safety systems control panels and sensors such as:

  • Access Control
  • Security Panels
  • Fire Panels
  • Motion detectors
  • Audio Sensors
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Building management systems
  • HVAC
  • Boilers
  • Pools/Spas
  • Fridge/Freezer temperature monitors
  • Moisture/Humidity Detectors