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Unity Professional Services

Business technology needs to be re-assessed or audited to determine if it needs to be optimized, updated or even replaced. Unity offers a suite of one-time,  Professional Services to address those needs.

These services start with assessment or audits to review existing performance, analysis services to determine possible outcomes following assessment and then design and deployment services to implement any resulting change.

Unity Assessment and Audit Services

Unity Network Assessment Services

A lot is riding on your data network, especially when running real-time or low-latency applications. Problems related to network performance or configuration are often intermittent and difficult to find as they not simply the result of a component failure.

With a network assessment we run the network under adverse conditions to make the problem apparent. The resulting audit will prescribe appropriate changes required to bring the network to optimal performance.

In situations where the network infrastructure is incapable of being optimized, perhaps lacking appropriate features, suitable replacements will be recommended.

Unity Contact Center Audit Services

Contact centers are complex to configure to optimize the performance of agents and ensure organizations are meeting their goals. When implementing new contact center technology, there is so much to learn, it is rare that the full capabilities of the new system are fully leveraged immediately.

A contact center audit can point out inefficiencies while a contact center tune-up can implement capabilities not being fully utilized.

Unity Wireless Networking Assessment

There is greater emphasis on wireless networking or Wi-Fi as the core networking infrastructure today. As businesses allow users and guests to use their own smart phones and tablets, besides laptops and desktop computers, this increases the challenge of setting up and configuring the Wi-Fi network.

Network performance can be severely degraded and real-time or low-latency applications become almost unusable.

A network assessment can uncover problems and provide recommendations to improve performance.

Unity Design and Implementation Services

Canadian and International Project Management

All of our major implementations are coordinated using our project managers with industry expertise. We are often hired to oversee large, complex implementations.

With our Alliance with Partners globally, this capability is extended to international projects.

Mitel (ShoreTel) Design and Deployment

Unity Connected Solutions also designs and deploys ShoreTel, now Mitel, solutions. As a Silver Partner and winner of ShoreTel’s Circle of Excellence in 2016, Unity has shown its commitment to designing, deploying and supporting Mitel Connect systems.

Avaya Design and Deployment

Unity Connected Solutions has deep expertise and bench strength in designing and deploying Avaya solutions. This expertise goes back many years, which is particularly advantageous as organizations with older Avaya technology (including Nortel) migrate to newer Avaya platforms.

We are a multiple Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence winner.

This extends to organizations with locations in other parts of the world through the Aura Alliance. A global alliance of Avaya partners. Unity are the only Aura Alliance Partner in Canada.

Avaya (ESNA) Officelinx Design and Deployment

Avaya’s Officelinx (formerly ESNA Officelinx) is an ideal replacement for organizations with Avaya CallPilot. Avaya announced end of software support for CallPilot in 2016 and hardware support in 2018. Unity is the only Avaya Partner in Canada that has been officially designated to design and deploy Avaya Officelinx.

Our team are fully trained on the Avaya CallPilot, Avaya CS1000 and the Avaya Officelinx making us an ideal partner to help migrate your organization.

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