Unified Communications

Team Collaboration and Engagement

Unified Communications is about enabling Team Collaboration

Great communication and collaboration dramatically improve your business. Faster, more accurate decisions. Faster customer response.

Don’t let your staff struggle to manage multiple devices or communication applications separately. Tie them together with a single Unified Communications solution. Let your staff work wherever they are needed – the office, on the road, from home. Seamlessly.

Unity Unified Communications (UC) solutions offer single number access, the increased availability of associates with presence, instant messaging, find-me/follow-me service or simultaneous ringing of desk and mobile phones.

Microsoft built for mobility
Businesswoman Working from home

Working from Home

The COVID lockdowns brought the ability to have staff work from home to a head. Many put in what might be considered temporary solutions - they provided connectivity but not the deep capability to allow true team engagement and collaboration.

Today, it should be possible to have anyone work from any location as long as they have a data connection. Newer communication platforms let your staff use voice, video and chat in a single client, simplifying the ability to work together to solve problems faster. And, lets face it, video collaboration is important in creating true person to person connectivity - it becomes your virtual 'water cooler.'

Check Mitel MiVoice Business and Connect , Unity Connect and Microsoft Teams which all provide excellent desktop clients.


Your staff are probably using smart phones as part of their every day work. This is costing you more than you know. Worse – it makes seamless connections harder.

Unified Communications not only optimizes your mobile costs but ensures mobile workers can work the same way no matter where they are located.

Team Collaboration

Business moves at an ever faster rate. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is the tool that enables faster decision making.

A single UC&C platform brings all your communications together – desk phone, mobile phone, messaging and presence.


There is nothing more annoying than trying to solve a business or customer issue and not being able to find a colleague. At the same time, we all hate being distracted by unnecessary interruptions.

UC&C helps us manage and balance team communications with an always-on capability.

Communicate Your Way

Many people have a communications preference. But that can make it hard work for colleagues to find and connect with you.

UC&C lets staff choose which method they prefer while at the same time simplifying how others can connect and communicate with you.


Mitel have the broadest business phone system portfolio in the market. Mitel offer premise and cloud based solutions with the largest set of features - meaning Mitel have a solution to meet any business's needs.


Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft are leading the Team collaboration market with Microsoft Teams, part of your Microsoft 365 license. Did you know that you can also use it to replace your PBX? If not check our dedicated site on this topic.

Unity Connect

Unity Connected Solutions offers its own UCaaS (cloud phone system) solution called Unity Connect. It includes desktop and mobile clients to allow your team to work anywhere, as well as contact centre capabilities.


Avaya Unified Communications and Collaboration

Avaya offer a variety of premise based phone sysems - Avaya IP Office for small and medium customers and the Avaya Aura for large enterprise customers. Both offer contact centre capabilities.

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