Toshiba announces closure of its Telecommunications Systems Division


Toshiba Buy Back program

On March 21st, Toshiba dealers received notification that Toshiba was winding down their Telecommunications Systems Division (TSD). Neither Toshiba customers nor dealers were expecting this surprise announcement.

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Toshiba customers left in limbo

As a result, many Toshiba customers will be left in limbo as they search for a replacement with the many unknowns they face in terms of spares, support, whether they can add functionality or add to their existing system. It sounds like a very hard exit from the market and will cause their TSD customers a lot of pain.

We wrote a more detailed article on why we think this happened but in the meantime wanted to make you aware of a new offer from Unity Connected Solutions.

We are offering a “buy-back” program for all Toshiba customers. Because every customer is different in terms of size and complexity, our team can evaluate your current system and new needs. After all, you may want to consider another premise solution or a cloud/hosted solution. We don’t ever want to presume what any of our customers need.

We believe in choice. Your right to choose the best solution.

So please reach out to us. Call or email. We will provide you whatever help or information we can through this tough time.

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