Unity-Connected_static-page-image_disaster-recoveryWhat would your business look like if it lost 80% of its network’s capabilities? How would it be able to operate? Would it still be able to deliver services to customers? Unforeseen occurrences, such as extreme weather, blackouts, and other potential system failures, can lead to losing a large part of your network as a result of a lack of proper network security services, which Toronto businesses are often not prepared for.

These are the kinds of events for which Unity Connected Solutions tells companies they need to prepare. Disaster recovery covers times of unforeseen but plausible circumstances that can have serious implications for the ability of your business to carry out its duties to customers who are depending on, and still expecting to receive, your services.

Preparing Your Business for Disaster Recovery

Although it’s not possible to predict any natural or manmade disasters, preparation is always key to managing any risk. Preparing for these events means having a disaster recovery plan in place that can emulate how your network would respond during these times.

Emulating these circumstances means testing your current network to assess whether it can manage during times of disaster. Once thorough testing is complete, it can be determined whether the right technologies are in place for your network to continue its business practices in times of disaster. If the technologies are not present and it is proven through testing that your current network is not capable of effectively recovering after a disaster, then it is time to consider implementing the proper technology that Unity Connected Solutions can provide in order to protect your network.

The Game Must Go On

Major disasters that cause long-term interruptions, like floods and ice storms, are rare, but there are many minor events that are more likely to occur, such as summer power outages. Communication in any business is essential to its operations, so even though such disasters typically represent a short-term impact to your network, the fact remains that we live in a culture that now expects constant and uninterrupted service.

The implications of not being able to effectively operate during a disaster can have several repercussions, including losing time, revenue, and, maybe most importantly in the long term, customer trust. But what can be even more detrimental is if your competitors have these systems and technologies in place and are still able to function at a high level during and after a disaster.

Unity Connected Solutions is equipped to deliver network data recovery services to our clients in Toronto. Whether it’s on-site solutions or through our cloud-based storage system, we’ll ensure your business has a disaster recovery plan in place to effectively and efficiently continue its operations and remain competitive. Contact Unity Connected Solutions today.