Unity-Connected_static-page-image_network-assessmentA fundamental question businesses constantly need to be asking themselves is whether their current network technology is able to effectively deliver services to customers using their present infrastructure. In order to properly determine if this is possible, it is necessary to conduct what is referred to as a network assessment. Unity Connected Solutions knows that the goal of the network assessment is to determine the type of traffic and the amount of bandwidth being utilized at different points throughout the day on both the LAN and WAN networks and if changes are needed to the technology and infrastructure to improve the delivery of services.

When Is It Necessary to Conduct an Assessment?

There are a couple common reasons why a small- or mid-sized business would consider network security assessment services. The first is that its current network is experiencing inefficiencies, meaning applications are not working as they should, wireless connections are running slowly, and/or other noticeable functions are not operating at the standard and speed they should be.

Another good reason to run a network assessment is when your business is considering expanding its operations and adding a considerable amount of new applications. It’s not a given that your network services will perform in the same manner once you go through expansion; in fact, it’s likely your network will respond differently to the changes, which is why an assessment is recommended.

Communication Is Key

Connectivity is what businesses rely on to internally communicate with staff and to interact and deliver services externally to customers. Problems with dropped calls, poor voice quality, or just bad network connections are disruptive and prevent your business from maintaining quality communication services. The key is to find solutions to these issues before they ever become a disruption and assessing your network is the first step to finding these solutions.

It’s important to note that threats to a network aren’t just external. In many instances, a network assessment will show that threats are manifesting internally and can be just as damaging. Consider a situation when you are expanding your business and begin overlaying communication services; not having the infrastructure properly optimized can cause inefficiencies or even failures to the network.

Take a Proactive Approach

Waiting for something to go wrong with your network or not performing an assessment until you’ve already expanded your businesses is the incorrect approach. Maintaining quality communication on a consistent basis is essential to the operation of your organization. You can be losing valuable time troubleshooting these problems, or worse, your competitors can already be implementing these technologies, in which case you’ll be losing customers. Stay ahead of the curve and let the experts at Unity Connected Solutions use our tools to provide the proper network security assessment services to help get your businesses network performing at a high level. Contact us today.