Unity-Connected_static-page-image_hosted-pbxAdjusting to the current environment and expectations of the workforce is something small business owners need to consider when developing their system of communication. Employees are no longer stagnant and mobile devices play a prevalent role in today’s workspaces, which often include remote locations.

Small businesses need to adapt their phone systems and communication solutions to the current culture. Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) is one of the cloud-based technologies that give small- and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to improve their level of communication, both internally within staff and externally to customers, without breaking their budget.

Hosted PBX

Keeping in line with how businesses are now functioning, hosted PBX provides an opportunity for small businesses to make use of advanced telephone system features while not having to invest in any physical equipment beyond the phones themselves. A single office telecom system provides an off-premises host for all telecommunication, whether it’s through a mobile device or an office line, without sacrificing quality.

Hosted PBX has allowed workers to enjoy the flexibility they have demanded and come to expect of an employer. Being able to work remotely while still being plugged into a central cloud-based communication system has given employers the confidence to allow employees to enjoy this type of flexibility, knowing that the quality of the connectivity is still high.

Why Use Hosted PBX?

Cost is always one of the highlights of incorporating hosted PBX into the structure of communication. The operating expense (OPEX) model alleviates the upfront cost of purchasing any physical communication equipment, which allows for better management of company cash flow. On top of that, since the provider hosts the system and provides ongoing, trusted maintenance,this also minimizes the costs of having to deal with system breakdowns internally. Additionally, software can often be scaled as needed, reducing the chance of having to purchase additional hardware or upgrade to a larger system.

Having the ability to create a virtual presence is another feature that is a significant benefit for companies doing businesses nationally. Hosted PBX allows for a local number in cities where a physical location is not established, helping to simplify communication for whoever you are doing business with in that particular area. And this is done without sacrificing voice quality or any other service, including call transfers or conference calling.

The final benefit of hosted PBX is that it is based on voice over IP (VoIP). This means that your PC, smartphone, and other devices can be used instead of a telephone and allows communication to occur over an Internet connection.

Hosted PBX is what small- and mid-sized businesses need to stay on trend with the culture of today’s workplace. Unity Connected Solutions can implement this system of cloud-based technology to upgrade your company to what is becoming the standard expectation of communications. For more information, contact us today.