Unity-Connected_static-page-image_wireless-network-mistakesIf you haven’t already, you need to accept the fact that mobile devices are a prominent part of the workplace and need to be properly accounted for on your wireless network. Small businesses in particular often struggle to develop an infrastructure capable of managing the wireless traffic they generate.

Though it may be difficult for small businesses to construct a comprehensive Wi-Fi network on their own, Unity Connected Solutions believes that it is absolutely necessary to seek the advice of a business wireless solutions provider, especially if many of your employees work both in-office and remotely. Establishing an effective Wi-Fi network is essential to provide a high quality of communication services both internally for employees and externally for clients. And with the increase of employees working remotely part-time or even in the evenings, the increase in mobile devices that can easily be moved from office to home means the necessity for an effective wireless communication network is even more urgent.

Common Wireless Network Mistakes to Avoid

While setting up a capable infrastructure, small businesses should avoid these three common mistakes:

  1. Single Access Point: Many small businesses falsely believe that despite the network load, they can rely on a single access point. But even with 10 or fewer employees, there can be an abundance of mobile devices loading up that access point and reducing the efficiency of the network. In order to avoid placing too much strain on a single access point, either add additional access points or ensure that devices that can use wired connections, such as PCs, laptops, and printers, do so.
  2. Failing to Enable 5.0GHz on Dual Band Routers: Small businesses that have dual band routers often forget to use both bands to their full advantage, leading to spotty connections and inefficiencies in work production. If your small business has a dual band router, be sure to enable the 5GHz radio to boost connectivity. Doing this will allow for laptops and similar devices that support 5GHz to offload onto this band, while mobile devices can operate on the 2.4GHz band.
  3. Router Overload: As businesses expand and more apps get added to the network, they often forget to upgrade their wireless network in step. At this point, having an entry-level wireless network isn’t enough for top connectivity performance.

Unity Connected Solutions is able to transform the outdated or dying network infrastructure of small businesses by setting up multiple wireless networks for quality service management. The current culture of communication demands businesses be up-to-date with their technology, so you need to ask yourself if your business can afford not to be properly engaged with its customers and in line with their expectations. Unity Connected Solutions can help get you there. Contact us today for more information.