The number of seniors in Canada is rising, especially with the onset of the Baby Boomers aging. And with many seniors desiring to live in retirement communities, it means that the people running these facilities are looking for ways to do this efficiently while still delivering the best care.

One way of becoming more efficient and offering better services is by utilizing technology. The current technologies being used in retirement homes at present are somewhat outdated and do not fulfil the responsiveness required to handle specific urgent situations. Upgrading to an automation system that encompasses a situational awareness model can provide a high level of precautionary and reactionary care in these senior home facilities. A situational awareness model recognizes each circumstance and reacts accordingly to ensure the safety of residents.

The Technology Behind Situational Awareness

In retirement homes, there may be alert buttons situated in washrooms as a precautionary measure, but for the most part there aren’t many alert systems in place that seniors can use to notify staff or nurses in the case of an emergency. That level of technology is just not sufficient anymore, especially when comparing to the situational awareness technology offered by Unity Connected Solutions. We offer an advanced nurse call system, the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA), which operates wirelessly and can be worn as a pendant or necklace, which allows our server to track the precise location of the senior.

Seniors only need to activate the alert, regardless of where they are in the building, and the first signal is sent out, letting everyone know a situation is occurring. Because SARA is connected through the telephone line, a specific message will be relayed to the mobile device of the appropriate doctor, nurse, or staff member with the precise location of the incident. If that specific staff doesn’t respond to the call by returning the message within a predetermined time frame, the alert is automatically bumped up to the next responder. This means that seniors can enjoy the available activities at their residence, such as the gym, pool, salon, TV room, etc, with peace of mind.

All of these actions are being tracked from the initial alert until the situation is resolved. And as you can see, this technology goes much further than the traditional nurse call systems currently in place at most senior care facilities. On top of offering a more sophisticated level of responsiveness, Unity Connected Solutions is able to offer SARA withsignificantly less hardware than similar models. That’s because instead of using GPS- or Wi-Fi- based technology, we install antennas and repeaters throughout the building, and only need a maximum of one or two per floor to have it work effectively. They also don’t require wiring, just local power. Cases where we have to connect approximately nine antennas to serve an entire building would require over 50 transmission devices if we used a wireless or GPS model to perform the same service. Our model is more effective and costs much less to install.

Are Your Seniors Safe?

There are numerous advantages to utilizing our situational awareness technology. Our clients can rest assured that they have an advanced system in place that offers practical solutions to caring for seniors in their facilities. It also give the families of seniors peace of mind knowing that the retirement home or care facility utilizes a system to care for their loved ones. Situational awareness technology should be a high priority for senior care facilities as a means of supporting those trusted in their care. Unity Connected Solutions has the answer—contact us today for more information.