Introduction to Video Conferencing

At one point, collaboration via phone was the only way clients and colleagues in other parts of Canada, the U.S., and overseas could communicate. But with the advent of video conferencing, holding virtual meetings has made that connection much easier. Unity Connected Solutions offers their clients nine ways in which businesses can benefit from video collaboration and conferencing.

  1. Saving on Travel Expenses: With the rising costs of travel, especially by air, video conferencing offers an affordable way for you to meet with clients and employees, whether they’re in another province or located overseas. Many organizations report seeing a return on their investment thanks to having video conferencing installed on account of the saved travel expenses.
  2. Improving Communication and Productivity: Effective communication is an organization’s lifeblood, but e-mail and conference calls may not allow for this. Setting up a video conference will allow your workers in different locations to collaborate better since it provides a far more effective means of communication than teleconferences and e-mail.
  3. Reducing Stress: Setting up video collaboration capabilities at your office can greatly reduce your employees’ stress levels. They can have the option of working from home, plus it greatly cuts down on how often they have to travel if you have locations in other parts of Canada, the U.S., or overseas. This results in happier and more productive staff.
  4. Improving Management Communication: Video conferencing doesn’t just benefit your employees; it allows your management team to communicate effectively, regardless of their location. Just teleconferencing or communicating via e-mail or instant messenger may not allow for this.
  5. Enhancing Business Opportunities: Installing video collaboration and conferencing software will let your team communicate effectively across time zones. This means your management can communicate regardless of where they are located.
  6. Adding Another Dimension to Your Communication: Video conferencing is a highly effective way to bring new products and services to your customers. Simply describing it over the phone or e-mailing them a picture doesn’t communicate how it works as directly as through video; a video conference, however, lets you demonstrate it face-to-face, fostering a deeper relationship with your customers.
  7. Improving Hiring and Retention of Top Talent: If your organization is hiring and the candidates are located in other cities, this can create issues. A phone interview isn’t the same as a face-to-face one. Video conferencing allows you to speak to the candidate as if they were in your office, allowing the exchange of body language and the like. And if a manager cannot attend an interview, you have the option of recording it so they can view it at a later time.
  8. Allowing Your Staff to Meet, Regardless of Location: No matter where you are located in the world, video conferencing solutions allow your staff to collaborate easily.
  9. Reducing Carbon Emissions: Travel for business can be a huge contributor to carbon emissions. Collaborating via video conference offers a simple yet effective way to help the planet by cutting out travel to other locations, whether it’s across town or in another country.

Call Unity Connected Solutions for affordable and easy-to-use video collaboration and conferencing solutions and start enjoying the benefits for your company!