The reason most businesses look to update their telephone system to a Unified Communications system is to improve support for mobile workers.

Badly managed, mobile phone usage adds significant cost to a business.

Well managed and it improves how colleagues work togther more efficiently to make decisions, solve problems, answer customer questions and more.

Always Available

Working away from the office can be challenging. Keeping in touch, reaching other staff, picking up messages later, trying to find time to return calls and working out what is a priority. While always seeming a little disconnected from the rest of the team. Reliant solely on your mobile phone – no matter how smart.

With UC&C, mobile workers can have an application running on their mobile phone turning into an extension of the main communications system. Access to the same features and capabilities of the rest of the team. Even better, mobile users can let others know when busy, available or free to take an instant message, for example.

Easily manage all your messages from a single application and conference in colleagues as if in the office. It makes working on the road, a client’s office or even from home so much easier.

Always Secure

Your staff will fill any communications gap with one of the many free and insecure tools available today.

Why risk confidential or proprietary information being inadvertently leaked, hacked or simply made public when this could have been solved with a UC&C tool that provides staff with the secure tools they need?and if staff are allowed to use free, insecure tools, then the likelihood is that they are not going to heed your other security messages. They may see it as optional.

All the UC&C tools we offer are completely secure.

This can be simply solved by ensuring you control all the communications tools they have to use – on the road, from their home when working for you or at the office.

Professional Communications

Unlike desk telephones, mobile phones are used for work and personal purposes. Ideally the mobile phone would know when to separate work and personal communications. Businesses may also prefer not to have staff give out mobile phone numbers as it creates a greater linkage between client and staff than it does with your business.

UC&C offers several ways to combat this challenge. The ability to provide a single business number, twinned with your desk phone if needed, and letting the communications system find you. Simplifies life for the caller and you.

Better still, add an application to your mobile phone that lets mobile staff access all the features as if in the office, including conferencing, a single messaging inbox and more.