Senior Living Webinar Series

Risk management and speed of response are top of mind when entrusted with the care of others. Regardless of the conscientiousness with which staff delivers care, responding to emergencies and disasters can be unpredictable. Automation ensures predictability while increasing staff efficiency. Whether residents requiring assistance, staff duress, smoke detection, door access or even environmental situations like flooding, responses can be pre-programmed, acknowledgements verified and tracked.

Unity invites you to view a series of 30 minute educational webinars on improving the speed of emergency detection and response in your senior living facility using the Status Solutions’ Situational Awareness and Response Assistance (SARA). 

SARA Overview

  • Learn how SARA’s capabilities can improve your response to emergencies
  • Can integrate and unify your existing technology, enhancing it
  • Automate routine tasks & ensure emergency plans are carried out immediately and reported on thoroughly
  • A single solution that can cover monitoring, alerting, and reporting

Fire Safety

  • Learn how you can integrate fire safety into a single, automated safety platform
  • How you can leverage your existing technology
  • How automation will improve your fire safety response times
  • How escalation can be built-in to your fire safety plans

Mobility for Residents

  • Learn how to improve the quality of life for your independent residents by giving them peace of mind as they move around the property
  • How to give your staff the ability to call for – and receive – prompt help from the right people using automation 
  • Know exactly where any resident or staff member needs help – whether you have a single building or an entire campus

Mass Notification

  • Learn how to make sure valuable time is not lost in an emergency using automatic escalation
  • How to get crucial information to the right recipients, every time, in every scenario

Environmental Monitoring

  • Learn how automatic sensors can prevent property damage and loss of inventory
  • How you can control energy costs 
  • How to prevent emergencies instead of just reacting to them

Security & Access Control

  • Learn how to integrate your security systems together, enhance their functionality and fill any gaps
  • How to reduce the amount of time your staff spend taking care of security issues
  • Alert the right people the moment an emergency event happens – and know when it has been responded to