Unity Managed Antivirus

Managed antivirus and malware protection to protect your business data

Security has become more complex. No longer can you simply install a standard antivirus (AV) solution, ask employees not to click on unknown links, and keep software and websites up to date.

Managed Antivirus and Malware Protection

Threat patterns are changing. It’s become more important than ever to ensure that every facet of your technology infrastructure is protected with a layered security strategy.

With layered security, any gaps are essentially covered by each layer, providing protection and prevention at various levels of the network. However, it’s still important to add protection at layers of your network that software and hardware can’t work within, such as your users and staff. User education is one of the most effective tools for preventing attacks from malicious software such as ransomware.

A managed antivirus solution is required to defend against Ransomware, Zero-Day Exploits with the power of AI to detect threats in near real-time, set up automated responses, choose from multiple recovery options, and rely on automatic rollback to help ensure compromised files have been neutralized.  Our Next-Generation antivirus solution protects against increasingly sophisticated, constantly evolving, cyberattacks with tools such as Endpoint Detection and Response.

Choose from two levels of security with Managed Antivirus and Managed Advanced Antivirus

Stay Safe from Known and Emerging Malware

Extensive Signature-based scanning

Use traditional signature-based threat detection to block known threats

Heuristic Checks

Protect against previously unknown threats using heuristic checks, which detect new, unrecognized viruses in a sandbox environment away from a business’ core systems

Active protection and behavioral scanning

Shut down even the most sophisticated malware via continuous real-time monitoring that detects programs performing actions commonly associated with malware exploits

Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus offers signature-based antivirus administrated by a cloud-based console. All scans are managed from the console and system can remove infections automatically and quarantine suspected files. Status alerts are distributed based on the criteria selected by the client.

Endpoint antivirus protects the system as the last line of defence. It ensures the system is protected when all other prevention has not caught the malware or virus.

Managed Antivirus includes the following capabilities:

Near Real-time Alerts

 Discover threat activity quickly with alerts whenever a threat is detected or neutralized

Easy to use Dashboard

View threat information at a glance via a single view that includes quick links to key remediation actions

Custom Policies

Use policy-driven protection tailored to your customer, which allows/blocks to USB and endpoint traffic, in turn, specifies the best, automated response

Managed Advanced Antivirus

Document Backup is a purpose-built data protection solution for Windows workstations and laptops. It provides highly automated data protection of key office files (every Word doc, spreadsheet, presentation, text file, .pdf, .csv) twice a day, automatically. There is no limit on the size of files that can be backed up.

  • Near real-time file analysis: The system can analyze files continuously, replacing time-intensive recurring scans
  • Signatureless approach: Fight back against the latest threats without having to wait for daily definition updates
  • Offline protection: Artificial intelligence data is stored on the endpoint to keep it protected while offline—and to help you avoid waiting for signature updates, or waiting for the endpoint to connect to the cloud to check against reputation scores
  • Machine learning: The system uses machine learning to determine how to best respond to threats and adjusts those response over time 
  • Autonomous action: Leverage policy-based endpoint protection to neutralize threats at the endpoint automatically
  • Behavioural artificial intelligence engines: Harness eight AI engines that analyze multiple data points to identify threats and determine if a response is necessary
  • Executive insight and key findings: See aggregated data on threats—current number of active threats, number of threats found over a specified period of time—and review threats and fixes over time
  • Threat summaries: Review information on specific threats, such as dates they were identified, reported, and their file names. Summaries also include links to the Google threat database and Virus Total websites for more information
  • Multiple recovery options: Choose your preferred recovery option after attacks—from partial recoveries to fully-automated responses
  • Forensics: See an overview and the storyline of an attack, so you can quickly understand the threat
  • Enhanced quarantine: Select the “Disconnect from Network” option to prevent machines from further infecting the network
  • Automatic rollback: Attacks are automatically contained and neutralized, and compromised files are automatically replaced by the last known healthy version (Windows OS only)