What is Managed VoIP Monitoring?

Troubleshooting IT problems is a skill all by itself. VoIP related problems are the hardest of all to resolve. Unity Managed VoIP Monitoring provides you the tools, on a monthly subscription basis, to provide end user SLAs and resolve VoIP issues fast.

Troubleshooting requires experience and quality information to formulate a plan to resolve. Otherwise you are just shooting in the dark, randomly rebooting boxes. The root cause is not discovered and the problem will return.

With VoIP, this is exacerbated by the fact that the prior technology, TDM, was rock solid. Telephones were directly connected to the server (PBX.) VoIP telephones connect via a myriad of switches, routers, firewalls, access points or perhaps over an open internet connection. As new applications and devices are added to the network there are more opportunities to disrupt previously working VoIP traffic.

VoIP monitoring tools provide two essential capabilities. Data about everything that is happening to VoIP traffic down to an individual call. The ability to use that data to provide alerts based on identified trends.

With this data IT staff can uncover the root cause of VoIP based call problems – pops, crackles, one-way speech, drops and more – and predict future possible problems.

Managed VoIP Monitoring Features

Simplified and Complete VoIP Call Data

Did you know that VoIP problems take on average 3x longer to identify than other network problems?

By leveraging VoIP monitoring that can drill down to a single voice call IT staff can quickly identify root cause. Most VoIP systems produce error data but it is in a cryptic format. The devices on your data network – switches, routers, firewalls, access points, all trap and track data, errors, and more. By translating these cryptic codes and pulling all the data together in a single view, IT staff have the information at their fingertips to quickly determine what is causing the problem.

Intelligent, Predictive Alerts

Taking it up a notch, what if you could use that data to predict a future possible problem and provide proactive, intelligent alerts? IT staff can be investigating possible problems before they happen.

Deep Reporting

Whether to prove the effectiveness of your service or to aid in troubleshooting, Unity Managed VoIP Monitoring offers reporting down to the individual end user. By providing a MOS (Mean Opinion Score) – a measure of voice quality – you can prove to end users how well you are doing. Perhaps roll it into an SLA.

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