Unity Managed Services

Every business knows the power that technology and applications can bring to their business. Harnessed correctly, they increase efficiency and improve productivity. They are now essential. Our whole business relies on them, so they need to be reliable. A managed service can improve that reliability with SLA based services from skilled specialists.

Your technology and applications require constant attention to ensure they are working optimally. They may be daily, mundane tasks but they can create a huge burden on your IT staff, whom you may need to be focus on more strategic work. Outsourcing tasks to a vendor who specializes in proactive support, has developed processes and created tools make sense.

We developed a full suite of services that can support from small to very large businesses. They are offered ‘a la carte’ so you can choose how best to supplement your team.

Unity Managed Network Infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is comprised of a number of building blocks from servers to switches to firewalls. These all need to be monitored and maintained, as a problem with any one device can have serious implications for the performance and security of your entire network. What is needed is proactive service that doesn’t just watch an item fail but predicts failure and ensures intervention.

Unity Managed Network Infrastructure is your all-in-one IT infrastructure management service that can cover networks, physical and virtual servers, as well as cloud-based solutions.

Unity Managed Voice

Communications are still the heartbeat of most businesses. Every aspect of your business from handling customer enquiries, working with vendors or team collaboration relies on your communications system. Remote monitoring and management is the key to proactive, preventive support.

Unity Managed Voice is a collection of services designed to support traditional digital voice communications equipment and their associated applications – voice messaging, call logging, contact centre management, etc. Each one of these applications have their unique requirements and challenges.

Unity Managed VoIP Monitoring

All new communications systems are based on Voice over IP or VoIP – which essentially means they rely on your data network. As a real time application, VoIP is sensitive to the dynamic, real-time changes in your network configuration and traffic. Most problems are intermittent and difficult to trace and resolve, creating a burden on IT teams.

Unity Managed VoIP Monitoring service provides a single, real-time view providing intelligent, pro-active alerts so that IT can resolve problems before they become headaches.

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