Hosted / Cloud Solutions

Hosted / Cloud Solutions

Small and large businesses today are looking for a cost effective way to manage their voice communications requirements, be it simple PBX or Unified Communications. Cloud or Hosted options provide real flexibility and scalability in today’s world of business communications. Now you can enable your communications to be effective and efficient in the cloud with a Unity Connected solution.

If you are looking for the ideal migration path for an older Avaya or Nortel system, Unity Connected Solutions offers cloud based Avaya IP Office, that we have simply called Hosted IP Office. It is the exact same system you could acquire and install on your site except we take care of all the heavy lifting. The system is housed in a Tier 3 Data Centre in Montreal (Vancouver coming soon.) We do all the day to day support and maintenance of the system, ensuring it is always running for you. The best bit is that you pay for this on a monthly basis per user. We have two user options – these represent standard users and power users. That’s it. The lines are included and connected at the Data Centre. It includes Long Distance that should be enough for most businesses. All you do is select and buy the telephones.

Cloud Solution

Businesses today are looking for a cost effective way to manage their phone systems.  Cloud solutions offer flexibility and scalability. Learn how to make your communications more effective and efficient in the cloud with a Unity Connected solution.

J Arnold Report: Cloud, Hybrid, or Onsite

When it comes to evaluating UC providers, the decisions are no less easy, with a wide range of factors to consider, not just for their UC solution, but also their ability to support the right deployment model for your business. Taking all this into account, and once your own research gets underway, it will become apparent which providers can address all of these needs effectively. Based on the research, our view is that ShoreTel is one of those providers, as they reflect the qualities of a market leader identified herein, both in terms of the UC solution and their ability to support all three deployment modes.

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WHY CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS? Your phone system plays a critical role in your business operations and in your company’s success. This eGuide explains cloud technologies and identifies the top ways your business can benefit from a cloud-based phone system. Use it to better understand cloud communications and to determine if a cloud phone system is right for you.

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If you are a smaller company looking to upgrade your current telephone system, Flexfone Essential is the solution for you. Again, this is paid for on a monthly basis, has two options depending on how many lines you might need, and has all the key features you need, including supporting mobile workers and multiple sites.

Looking at a larger deployment with the objective of improving your company’s collaboration with a fully hosted unified communications solution with video, IM, presence and mobile? Flexfone Advanced is your choice.

Manage your expenses, add and delete features easily and manage changes on your own customer portal. Integrate your voice into your network environment and move to a unified solution to improve your company’s communications efficiency.

Cloud solutions are fully managed by Unity Connected Solutions. They are feature rich PBX and UCaaS solutions that are serviced and backed up by people who know data and telephony. We have created 3 different solutions to provide you greater choice. Talk to us to find out more and learn how these solutions could fit your business.