Business-critical operations still rely on FAX. Existing T.38 and telephony infrastructure are costly, unreliable and lack performance and scalability. As we move towards cloud and IP based communications infrastructure, FAX doesn’t have to be left behind. Industries like Healthcare, Legal, Government, Education and Finance now have access to 21st century FAX-as-a-Service options from Xmedius (Canada) and EtherFax (US Only).

The new way of faxing is more secure, less expensive and more flexible. Check it out.

Cost Savings

The most obvious difference is that FAX-as-a-Service (FaaS) eliminates the need for dedicated FAX hardware, no FAX servers or FAX machines. It also eliminates the need for costly, dedicated, Telco PRI lines just to carry FAX traffic. With FaaS, those FAX messages run over higher bandwidth, lower cost internet connections.

By delivering FAXs, securely, righto the desktop application, business can also reduce paper costs, printer ink, and maintenance.

Scalable & Reliable

Because FAX-as-a-Service does not rely on premises hardware it does not have capacity limits. No local line or trunk limits to constrain how many faxes can be sent or received or local fax machines, servers or printers reducing the speed with which faxes can be sent or stored.

WIth FAX-as-a-Service you leverage high-speed, broadband internet – faster, higher capacity. No busies.

Single Vendor Simplicity

With standard fax solutions organizations have to deal with several vendors when it comes to solving fax issues. Telecom line providers, fax hardware vendors, telephone system vendor and possibly others.

FAX-as-a-Service eliminates all the hardware and line/trunk vendors, simplifying support. No delays, no hand-offs, no miscommunication to impact the speed of resolution.


For many industries reporting is essential for audits, bill back or compliance purposes. For many organizations it requires pulling reports from several different sources to understand the full cost of their FAX requirements.

FAX-as-a-Service offers single access to simple, browser based reporting providing full real-time fax reports and logs, full audit trails and job tracking.

Secure & Compliant

Perhaps the biggest reason to move to FAX-as-a-Service is the increased security and regulatory compliance it affords. The reason so many industries still rely on FAX is that it is simple and meets legal requirements.

FAX-as-a-Service uses secure transmission protocols such as SSL, HHTPS and TLS . It also employs sophisticated encryption. While sending, FAXes are encrypted using TLS 1.2 (with forward secrecy) and at rest by using AES 256 bit encryption.

Double encryption, Two Factor Authorization (TFA) are all employed to ensure the most secure transmission.

FAX-as-a-Service meets compliance regulations such as HIPAA.

Application Integration

FAX-as-a-Service lends itself well to application integration so that users never have to leave their existing business applications to send or receive FAXes.

All the standard Microsoft Office applications are supported, as are MFPs, Printers and Network Scanners from vendors like Xerox EIP, Ricoh ESA, Sharp OSA, eCopy Sharescan, Fuji-Xerox Apeos, Lexmark eSF and more.

FAX-as-a-Service also supports Active Directory integration.    

FAX is still the preferred method of choice by many industries to protect private and sensitive information.

It is estimated that the average Fortune 500 company spends $40 million per year on phone service, with 40% of that on FAX.

It’s worth checking out FAX-as-a-Service to find a better, cheaper way to carry out confidential communications.

Support for any Document Type

FAX solutions that are reliant on premise hardware and low speed Telco lines also limit some document types from being transmitted or received.

If you need to send (or receive) high resolution and/or full-color documents, you need a solution that offers higher speed, higher bandwidth options. FAX-as-a-Service leverages your high speed broadband internet connectivity – coupled to a high capacity cloud service. The result? Full colour, high resolution documents can be delivered in seconds.

Mobility & Branch Support

Something simply not possible with standard FAX solutions is the ability to support mobile devices. With so many people working on the road, from home or at a client’s office, the ability to do business in the same way as at their office is imperative. In addition, if a business has smaller, branch offices, it can be challenging to provide equivalent capabilities as at the Head Office.

FAX-as-a-Service is location independent. It doesn’t matter where the user is located as long as they have access to a data or internet connection. Because FAX-as-a-Service is secure, users can send and receive FAXes from mobile devices, tablets, laptops or at a branch office, as easily as anywhere else.