Outbound Dialing

Accelerate contact center outreach by using outbound technology to optimize the process.

Every business has opportunities to connect and communicate with customers – perhaps an update on a new product, a service notice or a survey. Whatever the reason, the most efficient way to do this is by using outbound dialing to save agent time by automatically dialing numbers, determining if the person has answered and transferring over to a live agent.

Outbound campaign tracking provides detailed information on campaign progress and status on who has been reached.

Outbound Dialing

Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing is the most advanced and comprehensive dialing solution. Predictive dialing takes into account several different factors – the number of outbound lines available, number of agents available and how many live customers are being reached.

Contact centers can create campaigns by uploading a list of people to be reached. The predictive dialer starts launching  multiple calls at a time and after they recognize a live person has answered, transfer the call to an available agent. Ultimately the predictive dialing algorithm will maximize the number of available agents.

Predictive dialers offer the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for companies that carry out many outbound campaigns by reducing agent idle time.

In true blended contact centers, these algorithms automatically adjust for agent availability where some agents are also handling inbound calls.

Power Dialing

Power dialing continues to launch calls at a fixed quantity based on a predefined calls-to-agent ratio.

While it is a fixed ratio, the power dialers will adjust the number of calls launched to map to agent availability

Progressive Dialing

Progressive dialing is not as sophisticated as predictive dialing but does offer an ability to balance the number of calls launched to the number of agents available.

Typically power dialers use a variable call-to-agent ratio. This ratio adjusts how many calls are being launched as the number of available agents change.

Preview Dialing

The most basic outbound dialing option but still more effective than having agents manually dialing.

The power dialer presents the agent with the next customer record to call, the agent previews and then clicks one button to initiate the call.

Campaign Management

Outbound dialers allow contact centers to set up specific campaigns. Lists can be filtered, sorted and pre-loaded. They can account for time of day to accommodate time zones.

Detailed statistics are created by campaign so that contact center managers can review and improve on past campaigns.

Redial for Busy

When manually dialing you may get no answer, voice mail or even a busy signal. Dialers automatically save agents the time dialing and waiting to hear the result.

Dialers are even smarter when it comes to the status of a call. If it is a voice mail, they can be programmed to leave a message, if busy, programmed to call again soon after.

Regulatory Compliance

Many countries now have rules about when and how calls can be made. While agents manually dialing would have to check each call and possibly make a mistake, dialers can build in rules to ensure that all calls meet the in-country regulations.

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