Omni-Channel Contact Center

Customers are in the driving seat when it comes to determining how they want to be served.

We can now communicate over so many different media or channels. A true omni-channel contact center allows you to communicate with your customer the way they want, which might be different based on time of day, where they are located or device.

To ensure contact center agents are able to effectively manage in an omni-channel contact center, intelligent routing that can filter and categorize interactions, determine spam or even sentiment, enhancing their customer interaction – efficiently.

Consumer Power

Modern consumers want to engage with your business via the channel of their choice – social media, an email, a phone call or a chat. True service differentiation requires you to recognize the demands of today’s omni-channel consumer and offer a fully integrated approach across the entire customer journey.

Track the Customer Journey

Leverage predictive analytics to track and proactively engage with customers at each ‘moment of truth’ in their journey. Look for seamless integration with essential systems like CRM, UC and other data sources and proprietary systems to allow you to examine several customer journey variables and deliver a truly personalized experience.

Empower Agents

Match your customer with the best agent across all channels and enable dynamic insight and perspective into your customer’s interests and pain points. Arm agents with the right information at the moment truth.

Engage Better

There is nothing worse than having to make multiple calls, multiple interactions to an organization to get information, perform a transaction or get a resolution to a problem. As customers use multiple media to express their needs, organizations need to stay in step to make sure they are not missing an opportunity or, worse, not blindsided by an unexpected customer problem. Especially one that can quickly go viral before the business can respond.

In the past, Contact Centers have tried to fill the void by integrating disparate products from different vendors. Not only is this inefficient – many cannot be easily or simply integrated – but they also fail to consider the agent experience.

True omni-channel contact centers provide a single solution that offloads contact center management teams from becoming a systems integrator while managing the agent ‘queue’ so they are not overloaded with constantly changing media inquiries.

The result is a better customer experience.

Respond Faster

Today, everyone expects to be instantly gratified. With smartphones, we now have immediate access to information. We have applications that allow us to perform a transaction in a short time. Want to see movie? Open the movie theatre app, see trailers of the movies, check the times, book a seat and even get your reward points updated.

These expectations effect the way we see all our interactions. Which means that contact centers have to provide consistently fast response – through any media – to ensure customer expectations are fully met, otherwise they will be quick to send out negative messages to their social media audience.

Omni-channel contact centers can manage the complete ‘funnel’ of interactions through all sources. They are able to balance the load across agents and tools far better than through several discrete tools. With separate tools you are automatically using more agents than required and likely can’t see a holistic view of your overall customer interactions.

Improve Agent Performance

Matching the best agent to deal with a specific customer across all channels is imperative; taking agent skill set routing to a higher level.

Engaged agents improve the customer experience. By providing dynamic insight and perspective into your customer’s interests and pain points, your agents can make each ‘moment of truth’ a positive outcome.

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