Premise or Cloud?

Contact Centers started out as simple hunt groups offered by most telephone systems. Those hunt groups added options for hunting, allow agents to join and leave the group and to report on which agent was taking the most calls.

As contact centers became the focus for enhancing customer engagement, vendors ramped up the features ‘arms war’. Queuing was improved, agent skills were taken into account and customers could even be told how long they would wait to be answered.  These capabilities became the table stakes for all contact centers.

Today businesses have the added option of choosing between keeping a traditional, premise-based contact center or deploying a cloud based application. As cloud contact centers have rapidly developed we now have feature parity. Organizations have a clear choice in how they consume contact center technology.

Unity Connected Solutions is all about providing our customers choice and in contact centers we offer you the choice between the best of both worlds.

Premise-Based Contact Center

Cloud-Based Contact Center


Most telephone systems can offer basic call center capability right out of the box.  They offer hunt groups or simple ACD (automated call distribution) to better handle incoming calls. They are ideal for internal help desks, like HR or IT. Capabilities to improve reporting and limited agent management can be added. Once you go over a certain size, you may need to add a more sophisticated call center application or go for a system dedicated to providing more advanced contact center capabilities.


Avaya’s mid-market telephone system, IP Office, has been installed in over a million businesses worldwide and offers built-in functionality as well as more advanced capability such as Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS), delivering blended, multi-channel support.

Mitel CONNECT Premise is a telephone system built for IP from the beginning. It offers sophisticated contact center capability for mid-sized businesses.

Both of these offer migrate paths from older platforms. For customers with older Avaya or Nortel systems the Avaya IP Office with ACCS may be the path. For those with other systems or looking for a complete replacement, then Mitel CONNECT could be ideal.


Enterprise businesses may require systems that require more advanced capabilities to handle their business complexity (multiple Divisions, sites, product lines, etc), need a system that can handle many more agents or traffic volumes or that can integrate with other tools they have invested  – such as IVR, Call Logging, Call Recording or Workforce Management.

The premier on-premist contact center is based on the Avaya AURA platform with Contact Center Elite. Avaya has been a leader in the contact center market for over 25 years – from its inception. This includes new capabilities such as Avaya Oceania, intended to take contact centers to a newer level – becoming true customer engagement centers.


Cloud or hosted applications are everywhere today and for good reason. They offer capabilities that are hard to replicate with a premise-based solution. With the dramatic reduction in thee cost of computing, server virtualization and the availability of low cost and higher speed internet bandwidth,  hosting advanced business applications is a reality.

Cloud or hosted applications can be deployed much faster than premise based solutions, increasing focus on how you want to use the application and not on the technical mechanics of the infrastructure. Cloud contact centers offer instant integration, eliminating the complexity to integrate with other systems. Because they are not hardware dependent, they can offer simple, monthly fees with no other hidden costs like maintenance and upgrade investment. The system will always be up to date.

Cloud systems also offer the unique capability of easily scaling up or down. So if your business has seasonality requirements, unique events or the need to rapidly grow, no problem. There are no limiting hardware or software considerations.

While premise based solutions are often sized to SMB, Midmarket or Enterprise customers, a limit of the cost and capacities of the associated premise infrastructure, cloud systems are not so limited.

Unity Connected Solution’s primary Cloud contact center or Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) offer is based on the Five9 solution. Built from the ground up as a cloud based platform, Five9 can support from  small to very large. It natively supports Inbound, Outbound, Blended, Self-Service and Omni-channel capability. Rated as a leader by Gartner for CCaaS, Five9 can deliver the most sophisticated contact center capabilities to rival the best that premise based systems have to offer. With all the commensurate advantages of a cloud delivered solution.

Business Needs Vs Technology Considerations