Contact Center Business Drivers

It is easy to get lost among the multitude of contact center technologies available today and forget their prime purpose – creating the most efficient and effective way for your customers to engage with you.

Contact centers have gone beyond simply being a more efficient way to handle incoming calls. They now allow customers to choose how they want their contact to be handled; what media, what time of day and how they get a response.

By not making technology assumptions at the beginning of the process, you are likely to determine the best solution for your business.

With all the new technologies that are available, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Leverage Unity’s experience setting up contact centers of all stripes to guide you.

Contact Center Business Drivers

Engage Customers Their Way

There is no single way to handle a customer today. Those preferences might change by time of day or location. In the office? Then an emailed response to my desktop PC is best; on the road? Send me a text to my mobile phone; evening? Then a chat session on my tablet works best.

Many businesses handle this within silo’d groups and separate, discrete technology, impacting the ability to handle the interaction seamlessly and creating a negative customer experience.

Omni-channel solutions have been created to solve this challenge – allowing customers to engage with you on their terms.

Revenue Growth

Businesses that deliver great customer service are far more likely to inspire customers to repurchase and promote your business.

We’ve all understood the mantra that it costs more to win net new customers than retain existing customers. But what if you could take that to another level, improve cross selling and up selling to existing customers?

Modern contact centers are key in that strategy. They leverage access to all your customer information to seamlessly provide proactive notifications, SMS messages, prioritize incoming calls and more, to ensure the best brand experience.

Optimizing Your Workforce

Engaged agents provide the best customer experience.

The larger the contact center the more difficult it becomes to find, train and manage agents. Tools are need to monitor performance, ensure they are meeting training goals,  provide fair and efficient agent scheduling.

Doing this right creates great customer experiences. Doing this wrong increases contact center costs AND reduces the likelihood to repurchase.

Know What's (Really) Happening

There is always a gap between how well we think we perform when it comes to customer service and what our customers think.

Having a single reporting tool lets you proactively analyze your performance. If you are using separate tools for calls, emails, chat, etc, it will be impossible to map the customer journey. Reports will show that each group met its individual service level but it will not show that the customer had tried to contact you three different ways due to a failure to solve the question the first time.

Proactive Service

Speed of resolution is paramount today. Whether its simply meeting the needs of a demanding customer or because the information is time sensitive, the need to resolve efficiently is table stakes today. We have all been conditioned to getting answers immediately.

Automation and Self Service options not only offload agent staff but improve that response time – particularly for simple transactions. With an Omni-channel solution, customers can also be easily transferred to live agents and prioritizing based on the type of transaction.

Premise-Based Contact Center

Cloud-Based Contact Center