The Future of Contact Center is here

Contact Centers help you connect, communicate, and collaborate with your customers.

Today, its all about connecting with customers - the way they want, when they want.

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. Every contact is a new ‘moment of truth’ – an opportunity to meet and exceed your client’s experience with you.

Each interaction should be consistent and seamless, handling the enquiry, transaction or problem the first time.

Whether contact is via a traditional telephone call, via email, chat, SMS, IM or even social media you need to be ready to handle the contact efficiently and effectively.

That’s where a modern, omni channel contact center comes to the fore. Let Unity help guide you through purchasing your next Contact Center.

Premise-Based Contact Center

Cloud-Based Contact Center

Business Needs Vs Technology Considerations

Omni Channel/Multi-Modal Contact Center

Call Centers proved it was possible to improve customer experience and reduce costs by centralizing inbound customer calls into a modern call center. Today, customers have access to many more media types – email, Chat, Social Media and more. For many businesses these are handled in silo’s or separate groups, if at all.

A state of the art, multi-modal contact center brings this all together to provide a consistent, seamless customer experience across all communication channels.

Outbound Contact Centers - Dialling

Businesses need to reach out to customers for a variety of reasons, product recalls or updates, new sales, responding to inbound enquiries and much more.

Dialers offload agents by automatically screening out unanswered calls, hang ups or simply leave voicemails. Dialers can offer Progressive, Power and Predictive options, reducing agent costs and optimizing call completion.

Workforce Management & Optimization

Call quality and agent productivity are two key factors for Contact Centers, balancing customer experience against costs. Excellent customer experience starts with engaged agents delivering quality service. Contact Centers need the right tools to measure and manage that contact experience.

Workforce Management  (WFM) provides tools to forecast traffic volume against agent availability creating efficient schedules for staff, workload, events and more.

Take management to another level with call recording, analytics and quality management.

Blended Contact Center

Blended contact centers remove the need for separate infrastructure to support Inbound and Outbound contact.

There is nothing worse than having agents idle in one area, while another group is overloaded. Automatically and seamlessly moving agents between inbound and outbound pools will substantially improve customer experience while reducing costs.

Self Service

Self Service Portals are a great way to reduce costs while enhancing customer experience. Interactive Voice Response or IVR allow customers to bypass agents or hold in queue while accessing information like account balances, reservations, payment history and more.

Integrating into your overall contact center, these self service portals can front end queues to acquire initial information, be used to drive to the right agent resource,  bypass queues or hold in queue while accessing simple information.

Flexible, cost effective solutions to enhance any contact center

Consumers say they prefer that organizations always offer multiple channels to communicate and serve their needs.
Consumers say they expect the information they give an organization in one place to be available in another.