Body Temperature Measurement
At a distance

Body Temperature Measurement

A Non-Contact AI Based Body Temperature Measurement System

A high temperature is the top indicator that a person may have COVID-19. As a result, organizations that still need to operate during the pandemic are looking at ways to measure the temperature of people entering their buildings. Remote body temperature measurement allows staff to measure temperature at a safe distance.

How does this work? A thermal camera, a blackbody and specialised software combine to provide a system that can quickly and safely display body temperature. By setting up a camera in the entrance to your property, those entering are automatically scanned. The computer displays an image with a red or green box around the face of the entrant, along with the measured temperature. The blackbody is used to calibrate the camera and software. Organizations can preset the desired temperature to trigger the red indicator.

Accurate with Real-time results

A face recognition algorithm is used to accurately locate the temperature of the target, providing the results in real-time.

Visible and thermal imaging

The camera uses a bi-spectrum, dual channel which means visible light can capture the human face and thermal imaging can monitor the body temperature at the same time.

Fast, non-contact, up to 16 targets

Can complete 16 target temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3 – 5 meters. This makes it extremely fast and non-contact.

Temperature accuracy ≤0.3℃

Modified ≤0.3℃ (emissivity, distance, ambient temperature, etc.)

Body Temperature Detection Network Camera

A face recognition algorithm is use to accurately locate the temperature to the target. The Thermal camera uses visible light to capture the human face and thermal imaging to monitor body temperature.


  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • One IP address two channels
  • Effective pixels 400×300
  • Sensitivity 40mK
  • Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens, Visible: 2.7-12mm motorized lens
  • Accuracy 0.3°C
  • Body detection, up to 16 Targets
  • Response Time 30ms
  • 17 color control

Body Temperature Measurement Blackbody

A blackbody is a standard temperature source used for temperature calibration. When taking temperature measurement, it is greatly affected by environmental factors and it needs to be calibrated in real time through the blackbody.


  • Imported intelligent temperature control meter is used to control the temperature with high precision and good stability
  • The target surface is coated with high emissivity aviation coatings
  • Compared with the same type of products, cost-effective

Simple Set Up

The system can be self installed. A guide is provided with the kit. The camera and blackbody can be wall or ceiling mounted or even placed on supplied tripods.

The software walks through setting up the system; Face parameter, thermal mapping and thermal calibration. Organizations can select between Fahrenheit or Celsius.

During mapping, the visible light and thermal images are overlapped, this links the temperature to the image of the person entering the building. The system can be configured to create an ‘alert’ should a temperature exceed the trigger point that you define, as well as providing the image on your computer screen.

What's in the kit?

We will supply a complete kit that includes:

  • 1 x Amano BTOB-2124RS Body Temperature Network Camera
  • 1 x Amano BIA-02900S Portable Black Body
  • 1 x Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • 2 X Tripods
  • Software

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