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Why Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services?

With the demands placed on IT to match the speed of business, traditional computing infrastructure becomes a bottleneck. Traditional hardware takes time to procure and set up as well as resources for ongoing management and support, none of which positively impact the bottom line.

What if you could alter your computing infrastructure, dynamically, to meet your needs?

What if you could do that for less than you are spending today on your current computing infrastructure?

That’s what Amazon Web Services or AWS can offer. Access to immediate, scalable, on-demand computing infrastructure for a fraction of the cost you are paying today.

Improved speed to market, better cost utilization and greater operational efficiency.

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Advantages of Cloud Computing

Speed to Market

AWS offers a simple portal that lets any organization turn up cloud computing and storage in minutes, compared to the 10 to 18 weeks it may take in traditional on premises environments.

Internal business users are constantly pushing IT for new applications to drive the business only to be held back because of the challenges IT have in turning up new services. Change the relationship with your internal business users by exceeding through AWS.

With AWS IT has access to over 90 services from computing, storage, and databases to continuous integration, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. AWS lets you go from idea to implementation in seconds.

Resource Optimization

Matching computing needs to the business is challenging. Business users demand new applications but they won’t know how to gauge how much power and capacity will be needed.

Studies have shown that a massive amount of the computing power in a traditional data center goes under used or unused. Mckinsey and Company studies show most servers are only 5% to 15% utilized, while a study by respected researcher Jonathon Koomey showed that as much as 25-30% of servers have not delivered information in the last 6 months.

AWS lets you map and match your computing and storage use to your business. Not only do you only pay for what you use but you can scale up to meet any periodic, seasonal or trending use.

Operational Efficiency

Traditionally 80% of IT’s budget goes to ‘keeping the lights on’ (a sentiment started by a Gartner study that is still valid today.) IT is continuously being challenged to better meet business needs. But IT can’t free up enough budget while so much is being spent on the day to day operational management of existing resources, maintenance contracts and staff performing low value work.

By migrating some or all of your computing and storage requirements to Amazon Web Services or AWS, an organization can become much more efficient and use the liberated funds for more strategic purposes.

Which Cloud is Best for Me?

While there are clear advantages to simply moving to cloud the options can seem a little overwhelming at first. Whether it is computing or storage or a combination, AWS have constantly updated and added capabilities to meet the needs of companies small and large, simple and complex.

Organizations can decide to move some services to the cloud, all services or even complement their on-site service with cloud to scale for peaks.

Unity Connected Solutions offers Cloud Assessments to help guide you to the best cloud for you.

Can I Go Hybrid?

Absolutely. Many organizations, especially when they are starting their cloud journey, use a hybrid approach. This is a great way to experiment with AWS and cloud computing to show other business leaders how well it can work.

Hybrid can mean many things. It could be one application that leverages cloud to handle dynamic scale, beyond the ability of the traditional approach or it can mean one or two applications running cloud while others stay in your data center. It marries the best of private and public clouds, and gives you the ability to store critical business data onsite.

Unity Connected Solutions can work with you to determine how this could be best utilized for your business.

Is Cloud Secure? Is AWS Secure?

Amazon Web Services supports organizations of all stripes because it can meet the stringent privacy, regulatory or security needs of their industry. From banking to healthcare, from private to public sector.

AWS offers significant security capabilities from DDoS mitigation, Data encryption, Monitoring and Logging, Identity and Access Control and Penetration testing.

AWS can meet even new standards like GDPR, financial standards like PCI DSS and in Canada, PIPEDA. Yes, AWS have servers located in what is called AWS Canada Central Region to ensure data does not leave Canada. AWS does not have visibility or knowledge of the data organizations load onto the AWS network.

AWS and VeloCloud SD-WAN: Made for Each Other

The most common objection to making cloud delivered services and applications mainstream for any organization is the concern over their internet connectivity. And rightly so. After all, we have all experienced poor internet performance and it is the key connectivity to your application. This challenge is exacerbated when you are an organization with multiple locations and dealing with a legacy WAN.

NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud offers several capabilities that overcome this challenge. NSX SD-WAN is a cloud managed SD-WAN that provides ‘cloud gateways’ within AWS linked to your on-premise gateway. When dual internet links are used, NSX SD-WAN can use several techniques such as link remediation and App steering to dramatically improve internet performance and connectivity.

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