Our Commitment to Senior Living

Unity Connected Solutions is proud to support the leading senior living Providers across Canada for independent living, assisted living and long term care.

We provide solutions for life safety, communications and security backed by our unique, dedicated Senior Living support team, so that your organization can focus on delivering the best care and support for residents.

We recognize that most senior living Providers’ on-site staff need help when it comes to managing the technology they rely upon to support and care for residents. We developed our senior living managed services to ensure operators can deliver the best standard of care, efficiently, using the solutions we provide.

We work with hundreds of senior living locations across Canada.  Here are a sample of our customers.

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See how we help some of our customers

Amica West Vancouver Case Study

Learn how Amica replaced an aging pull cord system with state-of-the-art Alerting and Communications Solution and how Unity stepped up to the challenge when the old system failed during implementation.

Amica at Lion's Gate Case Study

Learn how Amica added the latest in alerting, notification and monitoring to its ‘all care’ facility in Lion’s Gate to ensure their newest all care facility would meet and exceed their standards of care for residents.

All That We Offer

Unity Connected Solutions has offices in the major cities across Canada. We offer centralized, standard response with localized support as required.

Our senior living team has developed best practice standards for implementing and providing ongoing support for our solutions. We can be the single source Provider for your entire communications, life-safety and security infrastructure. Our solutions set includes:

  • Alerting and Notification / (Nurse Call or Call Bell)
  • Communications systems – including SIP trunking services
  • Data Networking – including Wifi
  • Wander Management
  • Camera and Door Security
  • Call Accounting and 911 Notifications
  • Wiring/Cabling
  • Unity’s dedicated Senior Living Support Services

Situational Awareness

Communications Solutions

Communications systems are the glue for resident support and  life safety. To support staff who are mobile across the facility, these solutions support cordless technology. Staff can received notifications directly to their cordless phone indicating the person needing help and their current location. They can also quickly call for support, if needed. We supply solutions from Mitel, NEC, Avaya and Panasonic that both offer excellent and reliable DECT (digital cordless technology) handsets.

We can support residents on these systems, offering Providers an opportunity to charge-back and create a source of revenue to cover the cost of their communications solution. When coupled with our SIP Trunking services, Providers will reduce their monthly Telco services cost by as much as 50% or more.

Cordless phones

Alerting & Notification - much more than 'nurse call'

Modern alerting and notification systems do much more than what we used to call ‘nurse call’, improving resident care and support while increasing staff productivity. These systems manage and automate the process to respond to residents. Some operators are using the benefits of these systems in marketing to new clients.

These systems automate the task of notifying staff a resident needs support and the location (important in independent living residences.) Providers can define and automate the escalation process, providing comfort knowing an alert will not be missed and leverage the detailed reporting to improve process and prove the level of care to residents and their families. We deploy the Status Solution’s SARA to deliver this capability.

Notification can be through any communication media including cordless telephones, deskphones, email, text, paging, mobile phones (with eMessenger capability.)

Status Solutions SARA Architecture

Data Networking

The next generation of seniors will demand Wifi to use their mobile phones, tablets and even laptops – which have become integral to their life. Retrofitting Wifi is much more expensive and difficult.

We offer traditional premise based data networking products from leading vendors like Cisco and Aruba Networks, but also newer, cloud managed solutions from Cisco MerakiCloud managed networking makes the provision and ongoing management much simpler and allows Providers to manage how much and what data is being used by staff and residents alike. Cloud managed solutions are much more cost effective and ideal for facilities that have limited local IT support. Unity offerscomplete wrap around services to manage data networking for senior living Providers.

Seniors using tech

Wander Management

Wander management is essential in those facilities supporting memory care. In the past this might have been the exclusive domain of long term care facilities. Wander management prevents residents from accidentally exiting safe and protected areas of the building by temporarily locking nearby doors and notifying staff with an audible alert. We can even manage that notification and alert through an automated system like the Status Solution’s SARA.

As Independent living facilities add  memory care floors so that their residents, who have developed friends and are familiar with staff, can stay in the same residence, they too need to have a wander management strategy.

Senior living Webinar Series

Camera & Door Security

Safety and security of residents is paramount, especially in independent living facilities where residents are free to leave the property and have the ability to freely move around the entire premises. This can be achieved by using camera and door security.

Door security can be set up to lock down certain doors between certain hours, allow egress but not access to prevent unwelcome visits and more. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to providing door security, including meeting fire regulations. Newer door solutions offer digital control over Wifi and reduce wiring by controlling over data networks.

Cameras can come with a variety of capabilities and specifications. For example, exterior cameras should be able to operate effectively in the extreme weather conditions we experience in Canada and ideally operate well in low lighting conditions.

Unity has been providing complete camera and door security, including integrating with the data networks and cabling systems.

Call Accounting & 911 Notification

For Providers who are looking to offer telephone services to residents, either as a convenience or a profit centre or both, a Call Accounting solution is required to ensure costs can be managed and charged back.

Unity Connected Solutions provides call accounting solutions that are simple to use, provide detailed reporting and provide a variety of options to mark up calls to ensure that the Provider is never out of pocket.

It is not uncommon that a resident may call 911 and staff only find out when the emergency services provider turns up at the door. Even more troubling when this happens at night. 911 notification ensures your staff are immediately notified in the case someone calls 911, allowing staff to immediately respond if assistance is required and if not, to interact with emergency services.

Unity Senior Living Managed Services

Unity Connected Solutions has a team dedicated to supporting senior living Providers. We understand that most Providers do not have dedicated IT staff and certainly not on-site. Most support come from care staff. So we set up a dedicated help desk to directly interact with your staff.

We provide regular refresher training to help handle your staff churn and keep them abreast of new capabilities and we provide audits to ensure that the systems we have provided are working optimally.

We know and understand that your prime goal is to provide the highest level of care and safety for your residents and we stand behind the solutions we provide you with comprehensive support.

Unity has been providing complete camera and door security, including integrating with the data networks and cabling systems.

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