Solving the Cloud Connectivity Challenge

Cloud Business Applications Demand Better Internet Performance

You may be hearing all the buzz around SD-WAN or Software Defined Wide Area Networks and then read the articles and its either over your head or only seems relevant to large multi-site companies. Which is a shame as SD-WAN can bring tremendous benefits to customers of any size.

As more business applications are ‘moving to the cloud’ your internet connectivity and performance become vital.

Most internet connections are insufficient to ensure optimum connectivity on their own. With SD-WAN we can increase overall performance while providing visibility and simple management.

Cloud Enabled Business

Internet Transport is Cost Effective but Unreliable

Internet bandwidth has increased dramatically making it a far more cost effective connectivity option.

Unfortunately Internet connections – on their own – are not reliable. Especially for real-time applications like voice and video.

With the lower cost of internet connectivity it is possible to create redundancy by getting a second internet connection. Even so, this will not solve the problem for real-time applications. Business needs technology that is capable of managing high-speed internet connections efficiently and resiliently.

An SD-WAN will solve that problem.

Poor Internet Performance

Solving the Cloud Connectivity Challenge

The single biggest obstacle for most companies moving to the ‘cloud’, or challenge that companies have once they have moved to the ‘cloud’, is the performance of their Internet connectivity. Learn why NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud & AWS go better together.

Broadband internet is almost ubiquitous these days. There are many options from copper, cable, fibre to LTE. While speeds and bandwidth increase, the cost per GB is going down. However, the overall performance can be spotty.

Unity has been solving this problem by implementing an NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. The solution includes on-site SD-WAN gateways, managed from the cloud.

VeloCloud SD-WAN

NSX SD-WAN - Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization

Internet bandwidth has increased dramatically making it a far more cost effective

There are two key ways in which NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud improves cloud performance.

The first is by allowing multiple bandwidth sources to be used dynamically. Organizations can plug in fibre, copper, cable or LTE connections to a single VeloCloud Gateway. The VeloCloud Orchestrator is constantly monitoring the performance of each network connection and can optimize which connection is used based on current connectivity performance – network outage, jitter, delay, packet loss, etc.

The second is through a series of intelligent capabilities that provide continuous link quality monitoring, application steering, link remediation and more.

Cloud Delivered SD-WAN

VeloCloud assures enterprise and cloud application performance over Internet and hybrid WAN while simplifying deployments and reducing costs. SD-WANs:

  • Virtualize the network
  • Enable a secure overlay
  • Simplify services delivery
  • Provide interoperability
  • Leverage cost effective hardware
  • Support automation with business policy framework
  • Monitor usage and performance
  • Support interoperable and open networking
VeloCloud SD-WAN

Core Capabilities

High Availability

By dynamically adjusting packet path in real-time over multiple, broadband connections, SD-WANs provide a more available WAN than is available with current MPLS technology alone. SD-WANs offer:

  • A physical transport‐independent overlay for managing user connectivity and experience to different applications
  • Greater flexibility in choosing and changing service providers
  • Faster provisioning times and automated configurations
  • Delivery of performance and security for on‐premise and cloud applications. No backhaul performance penalty

Assured Application Performance

Deliver hybrid WAN with high performance, reliability and service provider flexibility to assure optimal performance even for demanding applications, such as voice and video.

NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud offers forwarding based on real‐time evaluation of WAN characteristics, including quality and capacity of the link. NSX SD-WAN can dynamically react to meet business policy based on performance or security criteria. It also offers Active‐Active support to provide sub-second reaction to WAN blackouts or brownouts so that  application flow can be continued.

Workforce Management and Optimization

Call quality and agent productivity are two key factors for Contact Centers, balancing customer experience against costs. Excellent customer experience starts with engaged agents delivering quality service. Contact Centers need the right tools to measure and manage that contact experience.

Workforce Management  (WFM) provides tools to forecast traffic volume against agent availability creating efficient schedules for staff, workload, events and more. Take management to another level with call recording, analytics and quality management.

Self Service

Self Service Portals are a great way to reduce costs while enhancing customer experience. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) allow customers to bypass agents or hold in queue while accessing information like account balances, reservations, payment history and more.

Integrating into your overall contact center, these self service portals can front end queues to acquire initial information, be used to drive to the right agent resource,  bypass queues or hold in queue while accessing simple information.

Flexible, cost effective solutions to enhance any contact center.

Simplified WAN

  • Rapid Deployment and Automation
  • Quality‐of‐Service (QoS) that adjusts with automated link and capacity monitoring
  • Scalable secure communications over any transportScalable secure communications over any transport
  • Management and orchestration that can be cloud delivered or on‐premise

Efficient WAN

  • Leverage cost-effective standard broadband internet links to provide a more efficient WAN than is possible with MPLS alone.
  • Unification of all available WAN links to provide aggregate capacity
  • Distributed, cloud‐based services with simple policy‐based insertion

Cloud Delivered WAN

  • Virtualize the Network
  • Enable a Secure Ovelay
  • Simplify Delivery Services
  • Provide Interoperability
  • Leverage Cost-Effective Hardware
  • Monitor Usage and Performance
  • Support interoperability

Eliminate Locked In Contracts

The flexibility of NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud eliminate the need to get locked in multi-year contracts as the only means to reduce your WAN bandwidth costs.

With the rapid reduction of broadband internet connections, it makes the days of expensive MPLS contracts obsolete.

SD-WAN technology lets you blend in lower cost broadband until those long term contracts expire.

Scaling VPNs

SD-WANs provide the solution to complex VPN configurations. Branch VPN configurations constantly change and the cause for a gigantic headache in a network of any substantial size.

With an NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud the basic branch-to-data-center or cloud location connectivity can remain unchanged. But branch-to-branch communication can be steered over the SD-WAN overlay where VPN tunnels are built as and when needed. It is as simple as indicating on the central orchestrator that security is required on these traffic patterns.

Reduced Costs

An SD-WAN overlay eases the challenged of replacing infrastructure to add a new cloud or SaaS application. By deploying (zero-touch) SD-WAN technology to the branch, access to the new application or traffic pattern can be steered via the SD-WAN overlay while existing applications and access remain undisturbed—using either the site’s existing transport link or a new link.

Over time, additional applications or traffic types can be migrated to the SD-WAN network until the older equipment can be decommissioned when it reaches its logical end of life

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