Professional Services

Professional Services

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Unity Professional Services

Business technology needs to be re-assessed or audited to determine if it needs to be optimized, updated or even replaced. Unity offers a suite of one-time,  Professional Services to address those needs.

These services start with assessment or audits to review existing performance, analysis services to determine possible outcomes following assessment and then design and deployment services to implement any resulting change

Cloud Communications

Unity Telephony Assessment

Telephony or Unified Communications has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Cloud is now an important consideration along with clients that provide for greater team collaboration. Many organizations have been 'sweating the assets' on their older PBX systems but with the recent move to working from home, found they were lacking in capabilities, difficult to set up and manage or costly to roll out. 

Now may be the time to reconsider your options from team based systems like Microsoft Teams with PSTN enablement to replace that PBX to a Cloud solution to one of the modern premise based solutions.

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Contact Centre Audit

Contact centers are complex to configure to optimize the performance of agents and ensure organizations are meeting their goals. When implementing new contact center technology, there is so much to learn, it is rare that the full capabilities of the new system are fully leveraged immediately.

A contact center audit can point out inefficiencies while a contact center tune-up can implement capabilities not being fully utilized.

Unity Network Assessment

A lot is riding on your data network, especially when running real-time or low-latency applications. Problems related to network performance or configuration are often intermittent and difficult to find as they not simply the result of a component failure.

With a network assessment we run the network under adverse conditions to make the problem apparent. The resulting audit will prescribe appropriate changes required to bring the network to optimal performance.

In situations where the network infrastructure is incapable of being optimized, perhaps lacking appropriate features, suitable replacements will be recommended.

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Project Managed Implementations

Once you have decided to move forward, our project management team takes over. All of our major implementations are coordinated using our project managers with industry expertise. We are often hired to oversee large, complex implementations. We can provide implementation with remote teams and teams out of one of our regional offices across Canada.

With our Alliance with Partners globally, this capability is extended to international projects.

Support Services

We offer Canda-wide 24x7x365 support once the implementation has been completed, which includes a help desk with ticketing system to track all problems and escalations

We provide manufacturer trained and certified technicians for remote and even on-site support, when necessary

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