Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Employees today struggle to manage the many devices and communication applications needed to get their job done. Employees are bombarded with phone calls, email, voice mail, fax, and instant messaging. They participate in a variety of conference interactions including audio with or without video. With all these tools, employees spend too much time managing devices and operating the tools, which diminishes the time and quality of communicating and interacting with business associates.

Unity Unified Communications (UC) solutions offer single number access to people and resources, providing your employees simplified communications. Unity UC also offers increased availability of associates through features such as find-me/follow-me service or simultaneous ringing of desk and mobile phones, resulting in greater responsiveness with real-time and non-real-time communications from anywhere.

Data Networking

Data Networking

Today’s business is dependent on its network infrastructure. Yet with the explosion of networked devices, the ability to handle voice and data, as well as network centric applications, your network has become more complex.

Unity Connected Solutions has been building networks for its customers that are reliable, agile and manageable, allowing you to concentrate on the applications that run your business. Unity can design networking solutions for small, medium or large enterprises. Networks that are simpler, requiring less time to provision and can grow with your business.

IP Telephony, Unified Communications and Video place increasing demands on network performance and optimization so Unity offers network assessments to review and understand your current networking infrastructure before designing and proposing a new solution.

Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration

The speed with which we do business today puts pressure on our ability to make faster, effective decisions. Even with a mobile workforce. With the ubiquity of video enabled devices and high performance networks, business video can now be a central element in an overall collaboration solution.

Unity Connected Solutions provides a variety of video solutions from room-based video to desktop video, from point-to-point meetings to conferences, sharing documents.

Video solutions today let a business share expensive resources more cost effectively across an organization. While Video Collaboration allow businesses to connect directly with customers and in timely, high quality, high value meetings.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony

Unity Connected Solutions provides communication solutions that help small and medium sized companies further their business goals. Businesses choose Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions to take advantage of the next-generation services larger companies have used successfully.

These new IP-based systems are communications solutions specifically designed to make your telephone much more intelligent, so it helps you better communicate internally and with your clients and partners. IP telephony can handle your basic telephone needs, make use of built-in voice/data capabilities, while capitalizing on unified applications to deliver information to users and customers. And, these new systems can run on a LAN or WAN, without requiring a separate network or wiring system in your office.

The Unity team offers customers the combined experience of decades, providing unmatched services – whether voice, data, video, wireless or wired. Unity delivers applications that can increase productivity, functionality, and competitive advantage for you, while reducing network complexity and operational costs.

We will design a secure and scalable end-to-end solution to your specific needs, whether your organization is a large enterprise with locations across the country or small office serving the local community, ensuring your IP Telephony solution meets your present and future needs.

At Unity we work with you to define your business requirements, and then determine which of the IP Telephony solutions we supply would best fit these requirements. Currently we are certified to provide solutions from Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Panasonic and ShoreTel.

Contact Center

Contact Center

At Unity Connected Solutions we help businesses of all sizes to design and implement profitable contact center solutions. We will show you ways to improve your contact center, the latest in contact center design and customer services, how to set performance targets, how to manage results and a lot more.

Some contact centers have already made the switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) and are beginning to realize the benefits available by combining voice and data information. An IP solution can consolidate and make the contact center infrastructure smaller, reducing or eliminating expensive network charges and allowing a business to run many locations from one centralized set of applications. Or add a second location when redundancy is required.

It is this benefit of one-to-many locations that can give centers a competitive advantage that wasn’t possible before. Home agents, satellite locations, outsourced resources, and resident experts are easily added as extensions to the same center, all while maintaining centralized management and reporting. Contact center agents at branch offices now have affordable access to the rich suite of contact center applications because these applications no longer have to be on site.

At Unity we review your business requirements, and select the solution that best meets your needs. We provide Call Center solutions from Avaya, Nortel, Panasonic and ShoreTel.

Hosted / Cloud

Hosted / Cloud Solutions

Small and large businesses today are looking for a cost effective way to manage their voice communications requirements, be it simple PBX or Unified Communications. Cloud or Hosted options provide real flexibility and scalability in today’s world of business communications. Now you can enable your communications to be effective and efficient in the cloud with Flexfone, a Unity Connected solution.

If you are looking to upgrade your legacy PBX with a more robust IP based solution, Flexfone Essential is the solution for you. Looking at a larger deployment with the objective of improving your company’s collaboration with a fully hosted unified communications solution with video, IM, presence and mobile? Flexfone Advanced is your choice.

Manage your expenses, add and delete features easily and manage changes on your own customer portal. Integrate your voice into your network environment and move to a unified solution to improve your company’s communications efficiency.

Flexfone solutions are fully managed by Unity Connected Solutions. They are feature rich PBX and UCaaS solutions that are serviced and backed up by people who know data and telephony. If hosted is a fit for you, then Flexfone solutions are a great option.



Unity Connected Solutions has conferencing solutions to meet the varying needs of your business. Whether you are looking for a conferencing phone for a small meeting room, or for a large boardroom, or to add three to five party conferencing capabilities for your employees.

And, we can provide reservation-less conferencing and meet-me audio conferencing, which will enable your business to conveniently and cost-effectively host multi-party calls. For larger meetings we can provide bridges to conference of up to 300 people. Whatever your conference needs and budget we can tailor the right solution to fit them.


  • Simple deployment and management.
  • Simple to use: Phone display-based conference controls to acquire, configure and use

Businesses have experienced an ROI of 4-6 months and saved thousands of dollars, when compared with outsourced services. For example, your on-demand conference calls can be made without paying recurring or per-use fees.

Our solutions are designed for cost- and value-conscious organizations that use conferencing as an everyday communications tool. This provides smaller businesses with enterprise-class conferencing capabilities that were previously designed for large organizations, but now in a more manageable and affordable solution.

Fax Server

Fax Server & Electronic Document Delivery

Fax services are still integral to many businesses because faxing is simple, delivery is confirmed and faxed documents are legally binding. Faxing is still a universal method of document delivery. If your business still uses and requires fax services, you should consider a Fax solution.

Fax server, document delivery and fax software integrates and automates the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, enabling businesses to achieve significant cost reductions. By using a fax server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet.

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness Solutions

Unity Connected Solutions provides industry-leading situational awareness systems for the healthcare and education markets, including assisted living homes, long-term care homes, hospitals, schools, universities, and many other facilities.

Situational awareness means having real-time information about potential threats to people, property, business and convenience. It ensures that the right information goes to the right people on the right devices automatically for faster, more efficient communication, especially in the event of an emergency. In addition to emergency preparedness and response, it also improves business operations.

Situational awareness provides a wide view of what’s happening in and around an organization to prevent ignorance-based loss. With centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting, you can deliver emergency notifications or other announcements to virtually any screen – workstations, smartphones, tablets and digital signage including TVs. The most common applications for situational awareness include life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Wireless is an integral and critical component of any businesses’ communications infrastrucutre today; whether it is to provide greater mobility, flexibility or to reduce wiring within a building.

Today wireless supports a myriad of devices from laptop computers, tablets, mobile and business telephones. All of the telephone systems Unity supports offer a wireless telephone capability. But it is also critical to ensure that any wireless installation handles wireless voice, data and video effectively and efficiently. Unity’s experience starts with a formal site survey, access point installation and the correct configuration of wireless, data networking and telephone systems to ensure an optimal wireless environment.

Wiring & Cabinet Systems

Wiring & Cabinet Systems

Most communications solutions today are server based. As a result, the installation of these solutions requires the effective design of the supporting physical infrastructure.

Unity has a comprehensive product line-up, of data racks, cabinets, connectivity management products, and UPS systems. All are factory pre-assembled networks and delivered in a true ‘plug and play’ solution. Unity provides these solutions as part of our integrated solution for customers who are looking for a full turn key offer for their voice and data needs.

Unity can stage Network appliances and pre-install power and communications prior to the enclosures or cable management racks being delivered to your premises. This service will consolidate multiple deliveries to reduce the installation time on site. We will pre-load our servers, and value-add products like the UPS protection and high speed data connection including pre patched solutions and KVM solutions. Unity can also provide physical resources for the implementation of the network cabling. The physical resources group has been trained in cable installation as a trade and not brand specific, this allows our clients access to the highly experienced field services team.