Secure Cloud FAX Solutions

Xmedius FAX Cloud

XMedius is a Canadian company that is a leader in providing global secure file exchange. Including FAX-as-a-Service.

XMediusFAX was the industries first all-inclusive FAX-over-IP solution. Now, with XMediusFAX Cloud, customers get the security and power of the XMediusFAX solution delivered via the cloud. Reliable, scalable, fast, simple and cost effective. With XMediusSENDSECURE organizations can access cloud managed, cutting edge secure document exchange.


Too many organizations spend more time working out how to use, integrate and maintain the technology than should be required.

FAX is no different. It used to be simple to send a FAX, but with today’s requirements for security and privacy and the need centralize when FAXing in volume, that all changed. Until now.

With XMediusFAX Cloud, a FAX-as-a-Service, your staff can go back to simply using the technology;  sending or receiving FAXes from the applications they use everyday.


There is nothing more flexible than FAX-as-a-Service from XMedius.

No volume limits due to hardware constraints, no special applications required to send or receive FAXes.

Your staff can send or receive no matter where they are located, HQ or branch office, on the road, from home or even a client’s site.

Secure FAXing could not get more flexible.

Lowest TCO

By eliminating all the hardware, software, telco lines, toner, paper and ongoing support contracts with a cloud based service, there really is no Total Cost of Ownership.

With FAX-as-a-Service, there are no onsite costs associated with FAXing.

Secure and Compliant

FAX is still a key business tool because it is the simplest way to transmit private, sensitive and confidential information. The industries with the highest FAX use are healthcare, banking and legal. All of which are regulated in how they store and transmit private information.

Current practices are not secure. Either sending two emails, one with the de-encryption information and one with the file OR they can be easily accessed at the printer.

XMediusFAX Cloud is legally compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes Oxley and ISO/IEC 27001.

Save Money

Perhaps the best part of leveraging XMediusFAX Cloud FAX-as-a-Service is that there is no need to invest in premise based hardware. No more FAX boards, FAX servers and specialized FAX software. No need to expand hardware or software to meet increased demand. XMediusFAX Cloud offers on-demand capability.

The fixed cost associated with analog or digital Telco lines is eliminated. For some organizations that can be about 40% of their monthly recurring telephone bill. Your faxes will be sent and received, securely, over higher speed, lower cost broadband internet.

Organizations can reduce the cost of toner, paper, the monthly printer fee associated with printing FAXes,  with FAXes delivered right to your inbox. And  your company not only becomes a greener, but you gain in productivity.

It also eliminates all the maintenance and support contracts associated with all that hardware and software.

XMediusFAX Cloud provides almost immediate ROI.    

FAX and Data Sovereignty

A major concern for some organizations is to ensure sovereignty over the data being transmitted via ‘the cloud.’ With data centers located outside the borders they operate, a business could inadvertently jeopardize sovereignty. For example, Canadian organizations that need to comply to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) are concerned about the United States Patriot Act which gives the US Government rights to access that data if it traverses the US.

XMediusFAX Cloud ensures that data subject to compliance regulations will be managed in the local country, ensuring it will always be compliant.

Single Vendor Support

We prefer the term ‘one back to pat’ over ‘one throat to choke’ when it comes to talking about the benefit of moving to a cloud based service like XMediusFAX Cloud.

By eliminating on-premise FAX hardware – FAX boards, FAX servers – dedicated telco lines and trunks, and specialized premise based software, organizations have already dramatically simplified the support process. One vendor to deal with – end-to-end. No hand offs. No finger pointing.   


A major advantage of XMediusFAX Cloud is that it is not constrained by normal premise hardware, software and local line limits. Just as eliminating those items reduces cost, it also ensures that you can scale on-demand.

By using standard office applications to send and receive FAXes and  broadband internet as the transport mechanism, there really are no limits on the number of FAXes that can be sent or received at any time.


XMedius utilizes a secure, highly redundant and scalable cloud infrastructure. XMedius keeps data backed up and replicated over at least two geographically dispersed data centers. The SendSecure service uptime goal is 99.9%. XMedius business continuity plans and disaster include recovery and  restoration of critical processes and operations.

XMedius has a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of a backup state frequency up to 1 hour of user data. XMedius also has a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 3 hours after a critical system malfunction is detected.