Please Note: Panasonic Business Communications Group announced it will stop selling unified communications products on March 31, 2021

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Unity Connected Solutions have been selling Panasonic communications systems for over 14 years. Panasonic are the market leader in Canada for premise based communications solutions for small and medium sized companies.

Panasonic have delivered astounding reliability with their cost effective systems. Recently, Panasonic introduced a new range of VoIP or IP Based communications systems in Canada, replacing their venerable TDK hybrid communications platforms. Panasonic offers existing customers an upgrade path where older TDK cabinets can still be supported on the newer IP Based solutions.

Panasonic offers some unique capabilities in the industry, on which many small businesses rely such as door phones (now video door phones) and the best cordless telephones on the market; crystal clear voice quality with huge range.

Panasonic Communications Solutions

Panasonic KX-NSX1000, KX-NSX2000 Business Communications Servers

The KX-NSX series of communications solutions are Panasonic’s new flagship communications solution.

The KS-NSX series is far more flexible not only supporting basic telephony needs but also mobile and advanced users. The system offers some unique features:

  • Single number: Users can assign a single number to multiple devices, simplifying how people are reached
  • Smart Desk: Several users can share a single extension
  • My Portal: Web based interface to manage all your communications
  • Multi-Connection System: Supporting up to 32 locations
  • Centralized management: Even for multi-location businesses

The KS-NSX1000 supports up to 1,000 endpoints (phones and trunks) while the KS-NSX2000 can support up to 2,000 endpoints.

There is so much more to this inexpensive, yet incredibly powerful system.

Panasonic KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server

The NS1000 takes businesses to the next generation of premise based communications solutions. Built on IP and SIP technology, the NS1000 has powerful Unified Communication and Collaboration functionality, voice messaging and interactive voice response.

The NS1000 offers high definition voice quality and on demand capacity enhancements, unique in this industry.

For those looking for an eco friendly system, the KX-NS1000 has lower power consumption than any other system on the market, including the ability for the KX-NT phones to go into standby mode when not in use.

The KX-NS1000 can become the integrated communications hub for your business, with built-in voice mail (including on-demand recording and automated attendant), built-in fax server, email integration for VM and Fax to email and simple contact center capability.

Panasonic KX-NS700 Unified Communications Platform

Reduce costs, increase satisfaction and improve efficiency with a smart hybrid telephone system that can grow with you. From the leaders in small business communications systems, Panasonic, the KX-NS700 is the most cost-effective way to access advanced communications capabilities.

The KX-NS700 supports multi-zone wireless, mobile phones as well as an array of desk telephones. All the traditional capabilities like voice mail, auto attendant, call centre and simple access to paging are supported.

Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System KX-TGP600G

Only Panasonic could have developed such a unique product that means the needs of very small businesses. The KX-TGP600G wirelessly supports up to 8 handsets. This can be used by departments within larger organizations or as a standalone telephone system.

The KX-TGP600G is particularly well suited to those situations where it may be too expensive or too awkward to run new cabling. We have all used cordless handsets at home but the KX-TGP600G takes this to a new level

As new phones are plugged in they reach out and connect and extend the system offering true business telephone features.

The KX-TGP600G offers various handsets to suit different needs but all offering advanced noise reduction and dynamic listening volume control to offer outstanding call quality.