Mitel Mobility

Increase worker effectiveness while reducing operational costs when you integrate smartphones and tablets into your business phone system.

Mitel Mobility is designed to extend unified communications (UC) applications to smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices so workers can achieve maximum productivity anytime, anywhere. The result: a more engaged, connected, responsive workforce which increases your team’s professionalism, sales and service. Mitel Mobility integrates with Mitel UC systems securely and easily, and dramatically reduces operational telecom expenses. Increased team responsiveness, ease of deployment and cost savings quickly pay off in an improved bottom line.

Benefits of Mitel Mobility

The Power of a Deskphone on your Mobile

Unified communications speeds business processes and information access. Mitel Mobility gives iOS and Android devices high-performance Unified Communications features like video conferencing with room-based systems, peer-to-peer video, desktop sharing, calendar access, CRM integration, instant messaging and presence. Add this to desk phone features like extension dialling, conference calling, company directory, hold and call transfer and it makes a powerful combination.

When coupled with the Mitel Dock, Mitel Mobility-enabled iPhones and iPads become the desk phone for the mobile generation—the only phone a mobile worker will ever need. The Mitel Dock keeps iOS devices fully charged and offers the advantages of a full keypad, handset, and speakerphone—ergonomically designed to turn an Apple device into a desk phone with superior sound and user convenience.

Controlling Business on Personal Devices

Mobile device usage is growing exponentially, and workers prefer to use their personal smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices for work-related communications. But allowing staff to BYOD (bring your own device) requires IT control to maintain enterprise communication integrity and security.

Mitel Mobility allows users to separate their business and personal communications on a single device, a “dual persona” solution that maintains separate identities. Employees will never give a customer their personal mobile number again; instead their company number follows them from desk to field. And managers can rest easy knowing that customer lists stay with the company, not the employee.

Dramatically Reduce Telecom Costs

The patented Mitel mobility solution saves your business money, automatically. The solution leverages VoIP over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G cellular data, reducing or eliminating wireless roaming charges by seamlessly handing off calls between the best available networks. International direct dial charges are also drastically reduced because Mitel Mobility routes calls through the enterprise PBX to leverage least-cost routing.

Mitel Mobility is such a robust UC solution, and BYOD so popular with employees, that some businesses find capex reductions by eliminating the need for desk phones and leveraging personal mobile devices for primary business communications.

Deploy Secure Communications

With Mitel Mobility’s use of AES- 256 encryption, IT administrators can be assured that their mobile voice communications are secure. Strong device- and user-level authentication with innovative digital certification, along with automatic initiation of application-layer SSL VPN for users outside the enterprise firewall, ensure robust security. And VPN is built in, so users never need to re-authenticate.

Similarly, adaptive location-aware policies and enterprise directory integration make administration brilliantly simple.

Available on Premise or Hosted

Mitel Mobility simplifies system management and deployment with a single solution for all UC systems, with a central client management portal for bulk configurations and updates. None of the platforms require manual upgrades or end-user intervention.

Mobility Router Appliance
For on-premises UC deployments that need mobility for most employees, Mitel Mobility Router is an innovative solid-state network appliance that extends voice and UC capabilities to mobile devices, while supporting leading enterprise PBXs, wireless LANs and cellular carriers.

Mitel Mobility Router virtualized
For on-premises UC deployments that have invested in virtualization, Mitel Virtualized Mobility Router utilizes the same industry-leading software found on the Mitel appliances but is virtualized on a customer-provided industry- standard x86 servers running VMware.

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