Mitel Connect ONSITE

Mitel Connect’s architecture offers customers choice, as solutions can be implemented as completely virtual, completely physical or as a mix.

Mitel Connect ONSITE delivers a fully virtualized unified communications architecture or platform that offers the ultimate flexibility. With Mitel Connect, customers can mix and match implementation options with a choice of purpose-built appliances, a totally virtualized approach or a combination of both.

Why is this important? Well, it allows a solution to fit your business; matching your IT capability, number and size of locations and your office environment. Regardless of how it is implemented, all features are supported seamlessly.

Mitel Connect’s licensing model is also more flexible than many other vendors. For example, only phones connected to the switch are licensed, no charge per virtual switch instance, no charge for N+1 or spare.

Connect ONSITE Features

Mitel ST Series Voice Switches

Mitel Connect ONSITE typically features a central deployment of Mitel ST series voice switches, the 5th generation of this pioneering approach to VoIP architecture. The voice switches aren’t servers, they’re flash- based appliances that provide the connection between your local telephone companies and your IP network. Mitel switches handle call control intelligence, including routing tables and database. They’re available for SIP, PRI or analog trunking in either solid-state hardware, or virtualized form running on your X86 compliant server.

The all-new ST series switches feature two-stage upgrades, built-in conference ports, 500-port IP switches and USB ports for extended logging. They run on Linux DVS and are seamlessly interoperable with Windows DVS, including the OVA image for deployment on virtual machines. There’s no need to install or manage the operating system, it’s part of the Mitel software.

Your switch installation is supported by a single application server. No matter how large or spread out your operations may be, one server is all you’ll ever need for your entire Mitel Connect system. On that server, you’ll run our best-in-class network administration software, Mitel Connect Director, and the Mitel Connect desktop app.

To provision additional locations, simply add a voice switch to handle the number of phones needed at the new location. Mitel Connect uses peer- to-peer connectivity to distribute your system’s intelligence across all the installed devices. This enables multi-site phone systems to work like a single system, managed by a simple web interface. This “single image” architecture makes even huge deployments unbelievably easy to set up and maintain.

Mitel Edge Gateway

The Mitel Edge Gateway improves access to the Mitel Connect system for remote and teleworkers. With the Mitel Edge Gateway, there is no need for offsite users to launch a VPN to use Mitel Connect, their IP 400 series phones, and/or the Mitel Interaction Center application. Highly secure and Web RTC compatible, the Edge Gateway is a virtual appliance managed through Mitel Connect Director.

Business Communication Continuity

If you’re like most companies, customer communication is the heart of your business. You can’t afford a moment of downtime, especially if you’ve invested in integrating your line of business apps with your phone system. If you’re seeking fail-proof redundancy that’s affordable and easy to manage, the Mitel Connect ONSITE modular architecture and simple “N+1” system redundancy provides automatic back-up for three possible points of failure:

  • WAN outage
  • Voice switch outage
  • Application server outage

Mitel voice switches can operate independently of the network. Your routers and phones register locally through the switch to the Telco, so they’ll continue to work. You’ll never lose dial tone. You can rest assured that Mitel Connect ONSITE is highly reliable, with 99.999% availability.

Robust System Features

Like all Mitel Connect systems, Mitel Connect ONSITE is an end-to-end solution. Mitel designs and develops all of its technology: phones, voice switch technology, platform software and advanced applications. This ensures that all components are optimized for peak performance; you never need to worry that a system upgrade or new feature might cause an unexpected issue with performance.

Connect ONSITE phone systems include:

  • IP PBX telephony service

    With call control, call routing, voice mail, music on hold and automated attendant

  • Mitel desk phones

    With feature keys for system directory, intercom, conference calling, transfer, redial, hold and other options; soft keys for presence status, pick up, park and more

  • Mitel Connect desktop app

    For PCs and Macs, for user call control, contacts, event scheduling, event history and collaboration suite control

  • Mitel Connect mobility app

    For Android and iOS mobile and wearable devices, to extend full desk phone call handling and UC suite capabilities to the user’s mobile devices.

  • Collaboration suite

    Robust unified communications including instant messaging, audio conference calling, web collaboration, desktop sharing, point-to-point video calling and room-based video conferencing

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and ICS Calendars

    For event scheduling and invitation automation

  • Integrations with third-party applications

    Such as Mitel for Salesforce®, MS Lync®, NetSuite®, and most popular CRMs; productivity apps like operator, web dialer, and app dialer

  • Softphone Functionality

    Add a headset and your computer becomes a phone

  • Mitel Connect Director

    Browser-based system administration program that provides a “single view” of the entire system status including individual phones, call detail recording (CDR), trunk lines, and user account moves/adds/changes and feature permissions

Additional Connect ONSITE products include:

  • Mitel Edge Gateway

    To eliminate VPN login for remote and teleworkers

  • Mitel Connect ONSITE Contact Center

    For multi-channel call and contact center operations

  • Advanced Applications

    Such as emergency notification, caller directed routing, enhanced IVR campaigns, enhanced contact center reporting and dozens more

  • Workgroup Functionality

    For supervisors and agents for additional call routing functionality

Outstanding Management Interface

Mitel Connect ONSITE was designed to simplify system administration, especially when compared to products from other on-premises communications providers. The cross-browser compatible administrative app, Mitel Connect Director, delivers a “single image” view of your entire network, no matter how many phones or sites you manage.

Because of the streamlined provisioning, account set up, maintenance, and moves/adds/ changes (MACs), your IT team will spend far less time managing the phone system compared to solutions from other vendors—saving your team time and your bottom line money. In fact, Mitel Connect ONSITE is so easy to administer that non-technical employees can handle MACs in seconds.

Line of Business Integrations

Customer relationships are built on clear communication, and when business managers can measure and assess customer touch points they can improve the quality of their sales and service. When that information is directly integrated with the business phone system, the quality and usefulness is compounded. Your phone system becomes a tool to drive revenue.

Mitel Connect ONSITE includes packaged integrations with Outlook®, Mitel for Salesforce®, MS Dynamics®, NetSuite®, ACT!®, Zendesk®,® and other popular LOB apps. Mitel offers dozens of additional advanced applications and plug-ins that extend system utility:

  • Merge call records with customer records to raise the efficiency of your customer service
  • Identify sales trends and optimize staffing
  • Track cost accounting so clients are billed correctly for phone consultations
  • Contact specified phone extensions with custom messages in emergency situations


Too many companies have embarked on ambitious collaboration solutions to improve team and customer engagement, only to founder because the solution was not easily nor widely adopted by the workforce.

Mitel’s brilliantly simple and award winning unified communications solution gets your team up and running fast.

Mitel’s user interface includes access to all the required functionality – Presence, Chat, Voice, Video, File Sharing and more – in a context driven mode. Users only see what they need to see at each step of the process. An approach that is less intimidating and faster to adopt.


With a Mitel Connect solution, not only do you get industry leading unified communications but you get to choose how to implement your solution.

No longer is it simply a choice of premise vs cloud but it could be premise + cloud – a hybrid solution – in which all the features and functions work well together.

Or you may want a middle option – a hosted solution. Unity Connected Solutions has hosted many customers’ Mitel systems, ensuring privacy and security with the advantage of offloading the day to day infrastructure management. Talk to us for more information.

Lowest TCO

Mitel’s theme of brilliantly simple applies to it’s complete portfolio – including its collaboration, contact centre and mobility solutions. Mitel customers derive faster returns on their investment than with other providers of Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions. So much so that they have also rated the highest on Nemertes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies over the last few years. You can access that study here: Nemertes Unified Communications TCO Study.

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