Mitel Collaboration

Businesses are recognizing that the tools individuals use in their personal life to connect and communicate with friends and family can also make them more productive in the office.

However, any business should be concerned with employees using insecure, off-the-shelf applications to communicate sensitive and confidential information. Mitel solves that problem by providing all the real-time and non-real-time collaboration tools you need. Mitel’s simplicity means these tools can be adopted quickly and easily by staff, with minimal IT overhead. The power of Mitel’s collaboration tools mean that employees are for more effective and productive. One of the reason’s why Nemertes rated Mitel’s overall unified communications system as the lowest to own and operate – the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Mitel Collaboration Benefits

Easy to Implement

Like all of Mitel’s unified communications solutions, Mitel Collaboration is a “plug-and-play” software solution integrated with Mitel’s core IP Phone System. Simply install the Mitel Collaboration application (either embedded in Mitel’s solid-state Collaboration Service Appliance or installed on your industry-standard x86 server) and your team is ready to go.

Once installed, application administration is a breeze, as it is with all Mitel IP phone solutions. Users, features and permissions are managed through Mitel Director, a “single-image” control center for all Mitel business phone systems. No other UC vendor streamlines and simplifies system administration like ShoreTel. Mitel eliminate’s the complexity of multiple “solution silos” that require different logins, preferences and protocols for each UC application or location. And the resilience and reliability of Mitel’s core platform is second to none. We work hard to make your administration easy.

Easy to Use

Your employees will find Mitel Collaboration’s advanced features incredibly intuitive to use. It only takes one click to launch instant messaging and conference calling from within Mitel Communicator, the same client software that manages call handling for Mitel IP Phone System. Mitel’s integration with Microsoft Outlook® streamlines the process by scheduling phone calls and web collaborations on the calendar and emailing attendees link information with the touch of a button.

For additional convenience, end-users can also use the Web to access conference and desktop share controls, and “on-the-go” employees can use the Mitel Collaboration app for full features on mobile devices. Whether on the road or working from home, workers can always stay engaged in meetings right from their computer, iPhone® or iPad.

Audio Conferencing

Phone conferences can instantly connect internal and external participants. With no IT supervision or assistance, end-users can create conferences “on the fly”, turning a one-on-one call into a conference simply by clicking the names of additional colleagues. Phone meetings scheduled in Outlook automatically generate invitations including dial-in information and web links for computer access.

When the meeting time arrives, internal users can access the call by pressing the “conference” button on their Mitel phone or by joining the conference via Mitel Communicator; their Call Handling Mode will automatically reflect “In a Meeting.” External customers, partners and remote employees join by clicking a Web link that automatically calls them to establish an immediate connection with no time lost dealing with complicated client downloads, long-distance dialling or passcode entry.

Instant Messaging

Simply select a contact from your directory and chat is one click away. Real-time presence information enables users to quickly identify who’s available, enabling faster decision-making. Turn a chat into a phone call with the click of a button, and turn that call into a desktop share with another click.

IM recipients get an alert and pop-up message for instant access, and it’s easy to save chat threads for future reference. When coupled with Mitel Mobility for smart phone and tablet users, instant messaging functions like regular phone texting, with the familiar user interface of your favourite mobile device.

Instant Recording and Superior Sound

Both audio conferences and desktop sharing can be fully recorded with a click of a button to archive and enable wider distribution of the information presented. Like all Mitel IP PBX systems, Mitel Collaboration offers unmatched audio quality. Mitel support’s for wide-band codecs provides a higher level of listening comfort so everyone – regardless of location – feels more immersed in the conversation. The Mitel IP Phone 655 is an ideal complement to Mitel Collaboration, especially when equipped with the microphone extension.

Desktop Sharing

Mitel’s brilliantly simple browser interface enables PC and Mac users alike to share a common desktop for demonstrations and collaboration. With a simple click on the conference web link—and no download— attendees can see the shared desktop within seconds. Sharing control can pass easily between participants for full participation by all. The message window allows concurrent chat and text messaging between individuals or all participants.

Mitel integrates with iPhone and calendar applications, with one-click access to the Mitel conferences application.

A built-in library lets users manage documents in both personal and public folders. Documents can also be delivered to participants instantaneously via “send file” or the message window—no need to take the time to open an email to send an attachment. A built-in whiteboard facilitates sharing ideas, which can then be sent out to any recipient. If users have questions about the desktop sharing, a help button brings up contextual support.

Mitel Collaboration Software

Mitel Collaboration Service Appliances embedded with Mitel Collaboration software can be deployed anywhere, including into a corporate DMZ. The appliance has been tested with well-known security tools for potential application and network vulnerabilities. Like all Mitel appliances, these solid-state devices have no spinning media that can fail; appliance life is 13-15 years.

Mitel Collaboration Software can also be installed on industry-standard x86 servers in a virtualized environment. These deployments capitalize on data center investments, allow for faster software upgrades and can help reduce the number of servers needed, especially for customers that choose a centralized unified communications deployment. Because of our unique single-image architecture, Mitel makes virtualized deployments are faster to implement and easier for IT managers to maintain than solutions from other UC vendors.

Mitel offers system operators ultimate flexibility in choosing the implementation method that best suits their infrastructure and financial needs. Customers can be confident that both deployment methods offer superior resiliency for mission critical applications due to the outstanding 99.999% (“five nines”) reliability of the core Mitel Unified Communications Platform.

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