Mitel Advanced Applications

Mitel Advanced Applications

Create greater business efficiency by integrating your communications system into your business processes with Mitel Advanced Applications.

Mitel’s portfolio of software applications deliver on the promise of unified communications (UC) by increasing the ROI of both the Mitel UC system and a customer’s existing business applications. By tying organizational communications into core business processes, these innovative solutions increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and profitable business.

Packaged offerings include automated Call Recording, Emergency Notification, Active Directory Import, and Outbound Campaign IVR as well as add-ons for Mitel Workgroups and Contact Center and integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Zendesk, Sage ACT!, NetSuite CRM, Copitrak, Equitrac, and many others. Software integration boosts organizational productivity, enhance organization’s crucial communication with safety benefits from internal notification when emergency calls are placed on the Mitel system.

Advanced Unified Communications

  • System Directory Synchronization Application
  • Call Recorder
  • Site Router Application
  • Nuisance Call Handler Application
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Override Application
  • Active Directory (AD) Import Application
  • Call Router
  • Emergency Notification Application
  • Outbound Campaign IVR Application
  • Transfer to Prompt Application
  • “Do Not Call” Integration Application (part of the Cost Recovery Integration Application)
  • Multi-Super Group Application
  • BCA (Bridged Call Appearance) Call Hold Monitor
  • Schedule Based Routing (“On Call Router”) Application
  • Web Dialer
  • Application Dialer (“AppDialer”)
  • Caller Directed Router
  • Enhanced Paging Application
  • Phone Use Scheduler Application
  • Voice Forms IVR Application

CRM & Business Process Integration

  • ACT! Integration Application
  • AMS 360 Integration Application
  • Cost Recovery Integration Application
  • Hospitality Connector
  • Jack Henry Symitar™ Screen Pop
  • LexisNexis Time Matters™ Integration Application
  • Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Integration
  • NetSuite® Integration
  • RightNow™ CRM Integration
  • Mitel for Salesforce™
  • Mitel for Salesforce™ Connector for Contact Center IVR
  • Mitel for Salesforce™ Call Reporting Service
  • SEDC UtilityPOWERnet Connector
  • Universal CRM Connector (aka “EasyPop”) Application
  • Mitel for Zendesk

Contact Center & Enhanced Reporting

Contact Center

  • Call Recorder
  • Contact Center Agent Activity Event Feed Web Service
  • Contact Center Agent Alert
  • Contact Center Agent Dashboard
  • Contact Center Email Alert Service
  • Contact Center Instant Override Message
  • Contact Center Interaction Viewer
  • Mitel for
  • Mitel for Salesforce™ Connector for Contact Center IVR
  • Mitel For Salesforce™ Call Reporting Service
  • Mitel For Zendesk

Enhanced Reporting

  • Mitel Custom Reports
  • Mitel Enhanced Reports
  • Mitel Real-Time Workgroup Monitor Application
  • Mitel Report Scheduler Application

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