ShoreTel is now Mitel

ShoreTel changed the business communications landscape with its award winning solutions. Built from the ground up to be VoIP based solutions, ShoreTel focused on the user experience first, hence their tagline – Brilliantly Simple. Which explains why Mitel acquired the innovative VoIP communications company on September, 2017.

Mitel’s Connect consistently leads the industry in customer satisfaction and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Mitel Connect offers an all-in-one IP communications platform that includes unified communications and contact center capabilities. Mitel Connect, offers the most advanced, yet simple, collaboration capability of any unified communications vendor on the market today.

Mitel Connect

Mitel Connect ONSITE is easy for IT, delivers great financial returns & unifies team communications to improve business performance.

Mitel Connect ONSITE delivers an intuitive user experience, business continuity and simple management. Mitel Connect ONSITE offers call transfer, extension dialing, conference calling and other features straight from a the Mitel Connect IP phone or mobile app. Its collaborative unified communications (UC) features simplify the way you work with functionality such as instant messaging, audio conferencing, video calling and desktop sharing to save time, reduce travel, and allow you to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Mitel Connect Collaboration

Built-in collaboration tools via the Mitel Connect client make meetings more productive, ensuring your team will get more done faster and with less hassle. Communicate how you want, with immediacy and ease—the tools appear in the Mitel Connect client as you need them. You never need to launch a new app, or new window, or retrieve a complicated code to make things work.

No other collaboration platform is as fast to get up and running nor as easy to use – while providing the most advanced capabilities.

See why third party organizations like Nemertes rate Mitel Connect so highly.

Mitel Connect Contact Center

Contact Centers are integral to many businesses’ customer experience strategy. ShoreTel supports simple, internal help desks or a sophisticated contact center.

With out of the box integration to the most common CRM and Help Desk applications, Mitel Connect extends its brilliantly simple philosophy to the agent interface and reporting.

Mitel Connect Advanced Applications

Mitel Connect offers a large list of features to make your business run more effectively, including pre-built integrations into some of the most common business applications today. If you use tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and many more, you will be up and running in no time.

Voice mail to email integration, Active Directory support, you name it, Mitel Connect supports it.   

Mitel Connect Mobility

The single biggest reason companies look to adopt a modern, unified communications solution is to improve team engagement, specifically for mobile employees.

More people are working from home, on the road, on customer sites as well as in your office. Keeping everyone in touch, instantly, becomes a key asset for faster, improved decision making. More efficient, more effective.

Mitel Connect extends its brilliantly simple user experience to mobile devices, reducing telecom costs while increasing connectivity.

Mitel IP Phones

Mitel’s relentless focus on the best user experience doesn’t stop at the software based unified communications portal but extends to all its hard phones too. A complete selection of IP telephones including those with large, colour touch displays, full-duplex speakerphones, integrated headset jacks, 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch to support PCs from a single data jack, cordless and conference phones.

Businesses will find a full array of simple phones for common areas to the most sophisticated phones for power users.


Too many companies have embarked on ambitious collaboration solutions to improve team and customer engagement, only to founder because the solution was not easily nor widely adopted by the workforce.

Mitel Connect’s brilliantly simple and award winning unified communications solution gets your team up and running fast.

Mitel Connect’s user interface includes access to all the required functionality – Presence, Chat, Voice, Video, File Sharing and more – through a context driven approach. Users only see what they need to see at each step of the process. An approach that is less intimidating and faster to adopt.


With Mitel Connect, not only do you get industry leading unified communications but you get to choose how to implement your solution.

No longer is it simply a choice of premise vs cloud but it could be premise + cloud – a hybrid solution – in which all the features and functions work well together.

Or you may want a middle option – a hosted solution. Unity Connected Solutions has hosted many customer’sMitel system, ensuring privacy and security with the advantage of offloading the day to day infrastructure management. Talk to us for more information.

Lowest TCO

Mitel Connect’s theme of brilliantly simple applies to it’s complete portfolio – including its collaboration, contact centre and mobility solutions. Mitel Connect customers derive faster returns on their investment than with other providers of Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions. So much so that they have also rated the highest on Nemertes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies over the last few years.