Intelligent Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft changed the game when they introduced Microsoft Teams as part of Microsoft O365. With the introduction of Microsoft Direct Connect, Microsoft enabled Partners to bring PSTN voice into their Microsoft Teams environment.

With truly voice-enabled Microsoft Teams,organizations can make Microsoft Teams their single Unified Communications and Collaboration platform – replacing independent PBX, conference servers and chat tools.

Unity SIP365

Bring PSTN connectivity to your Microsoft Teams environment and replace your legacy PBX. Unity SIP365 uses a certified virtual SBC to bring SIP trunking directly Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Direct Connect. Unity SIP365 is more cost-effective than Microsoft Business Voice or Calling Plans

Call Forking - Graceful Migration

Not sure you can migrate immediately from your legacy PBX to Microsoft Teams in one go? Then we can design a custom SBC that will leverage our Unity SIP365 service and Call Forking. This will allow you to decide how end users take PSTN calls. Their existing PBX handset or Microsoft Teams client. Gradually train end users and migrate to Microsoft Teams.

Managed Services

We provide a variety of Microsoft O365 and Teams managed services from Managed Backups, Mail, Documents and Antivirus. We even offer Managed Endpoint Detection and Response and can provide security against ransomware threats

Unity SIP365 Direct Connect

Microsoft Teams provides internal video calling, chat, file sharing, file editing and more, right out of the box. But without PSTN connectivity you still need to use PBXs and conference services when you work with people external to your organization. Microsoft introduced Direct Connect to allow Partners to bring cost-effective PSTN connectivity to Microsoft Teams.

Unity SIP365 brings SIP Trunking right into Microsoft Teams through a certified virtual SBC, which means you can use Microsoft Teams instead of a PBX. Access all the core PBX like features – speed dial, voice mail, forwarding and more, from your single Microsoft Teams client.

Call Forking - Graceful Migration

Many large organizations want to migrate over to Microsoft Teams but are challenged by the scale of the task. End users that aren’t quite ready, existing maintenance contracts on legacy PBXs, ensuring end users are trained and more.

We can use Unity SIP365 and customize the SBC to have calls ‘fork’ to the PBX and Microsoft Teams. Users can choose whether to use their PBX handset or their Microsoft client. As users migrate over to using Microsoft Teams for everything, the PBX phones can be eliminated and the PBX eventually be replaced. Graceful migration – at your pace. In the meantime, you take advantage of lower cost SIP trunking.

Contact Center

Microsoft Teams can enhance how contact center agents access information to help callers but it cannot provide the full functionality to operate a proper contact center. We can help. Partners like Five9 and Landis integrate directly into Microsoft Teams. You can take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft Teams AND access features like queuing, supervisor barge in, call recording, call wrap up tracking, reporting and more.

We've got you covered

You may be an organization looking for complete support or to acquire a la carte services to supplement your team. Customers are not always aware of the limits of Microsoft backups and support built-into their service. We can extend full protection through a variety of inexpensive services, often for as little as $1 per user per month.

We offer

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Backup
  • Managed Mail
  • Managed Documents
  • Endpoint and Detection & Response

We also offer other server and devices services. Call us to find out more.