Cloud Contact Center

Five9 is an industry leader in providing cloud contact center solutions. Five9 can provide a complete contact center solution including full inbound, outbound, blended agent, multichannel and more – all completely deployed from the cloud.

The results are faster deployments and ROI, simpler integration to other applications, like CRM, especially when they are also cloud based, the ability to leverage more advanced features without installing a lot of hardware and a single, all-inclusive fee that negates a large upfront capital investment. Five9 can do all this while freeing up IT resources to focus on other strategic areas of the business.

Outbound Contact Center

Leverage our automated dialer technologies and campaign management tools, to enable your teams to improve contact ratios and uncover more sales.

Why Cloud Contact Center?

The top 10 reasons you need to move your contact center operations to the cloud. Check them out in the free 42 page eBook below!

Blended Cloud Contact Center

Get all the benefits of feature-rich, on-premise systems with none of the hassle. Download the brochure to read all the details of this Five9 system.

Five9 Application Integration

Advanced integration solutions. No coding required. We make implementation easy, configuration a breeze, and data access instantaneous.

Digital Transformations

In the digital age, your business is defined by technology. Your business wants to evolve. What is Digital Transformation? Find out by downloading the eBook below.

Customer Journey Maps

Today, companies want to better understand customers through data. They want to sell more, serve better and efficiently market. One way to do this is through customer journey maps.

Five9 Contact Center Benefits

Simplifying Contact Center Operations

The prime goal of Five9 has been to simplify contact center operations so they can improve their customer experience cost effectively. In the past, while premise-bases systems promised so much, the increased sophistication also increased the burden on customer contact center IT and operations teams; integrating many different servers and systems that ultimately failed to live up to their potential. Handling updates and upgrades only added to the challenge, while the many maintenance contracts consumed a bigger portion of the budget.

With Five9, your agents only needs a computer, headset and Internet access. That’s it. Five9 takes care of the rest.

By offloading all the ‘noise’ of implementing, updating and managing technology, the contact center team can focus on their core goals.

Fast Contact Center Deployment

After spending a huge amount of time scoping out your needs, defining the solution, checking and then selecting a vendor, the faster the solution is up and running the faster you can reach your goal – and ROI. As contact centers go beyond simple inbound call flows, they quickly bog down. Many never reach their ultimate conclusion.

A cloud contact center removes all the effort to prepare internal data centers, procure and spin up servers and storage, interconnect and integrate with other servers and the many tasks just to get the core hardware working. Let alone designing flows. All you focus on is designing how the different media channels are to be handled. An omni-channel cloud contact center can be operational in weeks not months or years.

Smarter Approach Decreases Contact Center Complexity

Five9 provides a holistic contact center solution. Due to its design, creating a true multichannel contact center, including social media, email, chat and mobile is cinch – they are built right into the platform; while integrating to other applications like, Microsoft Dynamics and more are done right out of the box.

Five9 uses an innovative approach called Five9 Connect, that powers media channels with a set of intelligent technologies including Natural Language Processing or NLP. The NLP engine filters and categorizes interactions, eliminates spam and even determines sentiment. A business rules and routing engine prioritizes and distributes ‘interactions’ to the appropriate agent based on the contact center’s unique business policies.

Not only does this simplify and reduce the time to create a true Multichannel contact center but increases productivity by assisting agents in resolving customer issues faster. Agents move seamlessly between social media, mobile care, live chat, email as well as voice calls.

Flexible and Budget Friendly

Cloud deployed applications are taking off in no small part because they are much more flexible than premise-based solutions. No worrying about vendor roadmaps or worse, each vendors latest release not being compatible with another, and holding back updates to take advantage of new capabilities.

A positive benefits of cloud is that it natively offers organizations the ability to scale up quickly, handle peaks and valleys or better support seasonal business. It is more cost effective to only pay for what you use than to have to buy enough equipment to support a peak. And if your business is growing fast but you are not sure just how fast, having a system that can quickly scale up to meet your needs. These are all inherent advantages of a true cloud contact center.

Five9 Stand Behind Their Product

Understanding that using a cloud solution will be a concern for some companies, in terms of up-time and reliability, Five9 have always been transparent. Five9 is the only cloud vendor in the marketplace to publish up-time statistics.

Five9 is an exciting evolution in contact center technology. Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever before, simply because they can be; requiring access any time of day, using any media from any location. Meeting those needs become table stakes for any contact center. Struggling to pull together the many pieces of hardware and software, becoming experts in integrating them together, should not be the required skill-set for contact center operations; it should be understanding their consumer’s requirements and how to best manage agents.

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