FAX-as-a-Service: Faxes without the FAX lines (US Only)


etherFAX brings the simplicity and flexibility of cloud to faxing – with etherFAX FAX-as-a-Service.

For organizations where FAX is business-critical and still rely on costly, unreliable, inflexible, existing T.38 and telephony infrastructure there is an answer. FAX-as-a-Service.

etherFAX FAX-as-a-Service is a cloud based application that is paid on-demand, eliminating all your on-premise FAX hardware, software, dedicated low-speed telephone lines and support. Now all your users can easily and securely send and receive FAXes over your high-speed internet connections, a more flexible and lower cost option.

Take a look at the brochure below for more details.

etherFAX Features

More than Dial Tone

etherFAX provides a carrier-grade FAX transport network that leverages your high-speed internet or broadband connections. etherFAX offers end-to-end encryption, ultra-fast transmission speeds, support for high-resolution and color documents.

It truly is the new way to FAX, providing the highest level of performance, security and scalability.

With etherFAX you will have:

  • No carrier and SIP-related interoperability issues
  • High availability and fault-tolerant assurance
  • Eliminated complex proof of concept requirements

Dismantle the Stack

Eliminate the need for multiple vendors to provide and manage your FAX operations.

FAX deployments often require several vendors – the FAX boards, software, server and gateway providers as well as the telecom carrier and possible the PBX vendor. When something goes wrong your IT team has to coordinate with several vendors taking time to define the exact problem. At worse, having them all point fingers at each other.

With an etherFAX solution you will have one vendor to deal with. etherFAX does not require special on-site equipment and leverages your existing data and internet connectivity.

You reduce points of failure and increase time to resolution.

Zero Capital Expenditure - Lower Monthly Costs

etherFAX FAX-as-a-Service leverages your existing high-speed internet or broadband connections. There is no onsite hardware and software to acquire. You also eliminate the need for those extra analog or digital lines from the Telco. For organizations with heavy FAX requirements, on average 40% of your telco line costs are for FAX. By eliminating on-site hardware, you eliminate the associated maintenance costs. Best of all, if you need to increase your FAX requirements, you won’t need any additional equipment.

etherFAX offers lower overall costs, eliminates any CapEx, reduces your monthly telco line charges and reduces your per minute long distance charges associated with FAXing.

Ultimate in Flexibility

Users are no longer limited by where your FAX hardware is located in order to send or receive FAXes.

On the road, at a branch office, working from home or perhaps a client’s premises? No problem. etherFaX as a FAX-as-a-Service is no limited by premise based infrastructure. If you have data or internet connectivity you have access to send or receive FAXes.

Infinite Scalability

With current FAX technology your FAX capability is limited by the amount of onsite hardware. Need to scale up? Then you need to buy more FAX boards, perhaps a new server if you have out-grown it. You are also limited by your telco line speeds.

etherFAX has no capacity constraints. It uses higher speed broadband connectivity to a massive FAX on demand cloud based service. No busies. Always up.

Advanced Document Types

Need to send higher resolution, full color documents? Most traditional FAX infrastructure can’t support this – resulting in lower quality images being delivered.

etherFAX leverages broadband internet connectivity so it is not limited by on-site hardware or low speed telco lines. etherFAX can send and receive high resolution, full color documents at ultra fast speeds, for example, a 50 page color FAX can be delivered in seconds.

etherFAX can simply integrate with most EMR/EHR applications and enterprise systems for even greater flexibility

Multi-Level Security

Security and reliability are key requirements for FAX, after all, the key reason it is still used today is it the simplest way to meet legal and privacy requirements.

etherFAX incorporates multi-level security known as a defense-in-depth approach. All communication starts over HTTPS to secure the pipe between client and etherFAX’s DC. Each customer is authenticated with user name and password. etherFAX then encrypts the communication at the message level. With message level security a new key is derived using a challenge/response mechanism that creates a key unique to each session. Ultimately double-encrypting every message.